George Fulton Called Out Dr. Arif Alvi For Allegedly Using V.I.P. Culture And The President Has Responded

By Maliha Khan | 16 Jun, 2019

George Fulton called out President Dr. Arif Alvi for giving into the existing V.I.P. culture, despite being an opponent of the same.

George Fulton is a British-Pakistani who initially came to Pakistan through BBC, but ended up acquiring a Pakistani citizenship years later. He has worked for numerous Pakistani news channels and is an all-around typical Pakistani living his life currently in Karachi with Pakistani wife Kiran. He was known for his show ‘George Ka Pakistan,’ but nowadays he can be found on Youtube creating content with Shaniera Akram for his channel called DesiGeorge.

Source: Twitter/@GeorgeFulton1

George is no stranger to Pakistan and by no means is he a gora that is only “visiting”.

He has lived in Pakistan on and off for a very long time and has spent a majority of his professional life working on content around Pakistan, so if there was one person that could criticize the Pakistani culture from an outsider’s perspective it would be him.

George went on Twitter to rant about VIP Culture and called out President Dr. Alvi for practicing it. Watch the full video here:

He starts the video by saying he has a message for Dr. Alvi, who is an opponent of VIP Culture. Yet George was allegedly asked to move his car from the gym parking lot due to VIP movement by President Alvi.

Source: Twitter/@GeorgeFulton1

In the video, he also mentions he is informed of this by a traffic policeman. He does not blame the traffic policeman, because he is just doing his job.

Source: Twitter/@GeorgeFulton1

George then poses a very relevant question. He asks Dr. Alvi why he’s advocating moving against V.I.P. culture and yet, on the other hand, he’s allegedly practicing it himself?” He ends the video off by saying this is “pure, rank hypocrisy”.

Source: Twitter/@GeorgeFulton1

This video has revisited the idea of V.I.P. culture and how it impacts the awaam in Pakistan.

Certain people in Pakistan are given special treatment when the law asks for equal treatment of all citizens. It has become the norm and a way of living for people that ask for this special treatment. In a way, it has become a symbol of status for people wanting to live in this manner, but many believe it has done a lot of harm indirectly to the people of Pakistan, being more than just a certain inconvenience.

People like Jibran Nasir have also spoken up against V.I.P. culture in the past.

He has demanded police officers to be taught more than how to deal with V.I.P. personnel. They should be taught how to behave and communicate with the average citizen of Pakistan and not drop everything to escort a V.I.P. traveling with a bunch of security already. The lives of Pakistani citizens are just as important and need security and safety as well.

Pakistanis have responded to George’s tweet and are standing in favor of his message.

There are other Pakistanis that are trying to rationalize why this protocol was necessary.

Others are claiming the chances of President Dr. Alvi setting up his own security and dictating protocol is slim.

On the other hand, there are people criticizing George for calling out the President.

However, in a refreshing turn of events, the President called George and sorted the matter out.

George received a call from Dr. Arif Alvi, who apologized for the whole scenario, stating that he was in Karachi due to an unfortunate death. George states that the matter is now closed. It’s pretty great that a politician took some responsibility for his actions, but the looming question mark around V.I.P culture remains.



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