This Medical Student From Karachi Got Thrashed By Police Officers, All Because Of Some VIP's Protocol

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Mar, 2019

When will VIP culture end?


Earlier this year, Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to end VIP culture but has yet to deliver on the promise he made to the country after being elected.


Despite promises by PM Khan, there have been dozens of incidents where people have shared their negative experiences with the VIP culture

Like the time when politician Jibran Nasir fell victim to one near election time.

Source: Irfan Ahson


Similarly, this final year medical student from Aga Khan University found out how entitled VIP movement can cause some serious trouble

Fasih Ali was on his way home from university, as he turned to take the Liaqatabad flyover near Al-Asif square allegedly a VIP movement came behind him and started honking for him to get out of the way and let them pass.

Since Fasih was also stuck in traffic and had nowhere to turn his car and get out of the way. When traffic started moving and the left lane cleared, two policemen who were accompanying the movement gestured for Fasih to park his car on the side of the road so they could talk to him.

As soon as Fasih parked on the side, they allegedly started hitting his window and bonnet in an effort to make him roll down his window. And when he did roll down his window, they demanded for him to show them his registration documents. When he retrieved them and had them in his hands, they allegedly snatched the documents and went off on their bikes. Fasih was incredibly confused by this but decided to pursue the policemen in his car.


This is when they abruptly stopped and threw his documents back in his car and then allegedly grabbed him by the hair through his lowered window.


They proceeded to manhandle him as much as they could through his window. A crowd started to form and people began to understand that Fasih wasn’t the one at fault.

The policemen commented on how Fasih looked ‘sharif’ which is why they didn’t want to take him to the police station. Throughout this ordeal, the policemen would confiscate Fasih’s belongings such as his car keys and driver’s license and drive away just to return back to his side.

They wouldn’t let him call anyone for help. He offered to pay them off but this allegedly made the abuse worse. In the end, Fasih stated that he finally apologized for not making any mistake. He said that he had to beg them in order for them to return his belongings so he could go home.


He went home with tears in his eyes.

Fasih wrote about the entire incident on Facebook and asked for people to help him identify who’s convoy it was since the policemen kept reiterating the VIP movement belonged to a ‘Justice’.

Fasih is in contact with the DG Security of Sindh who is trying to identify the movements which were scheduled in the same place and time Fasih mentioned his incident occurring in. Once all the likely suspects are listed, Fasih will identify the faces of the officers who harassed him.

He said that he never expected he would ever have to go through something like this and wants to raise awareness about the VIP culture within the country so that something can change.

You can read Fasih’s post below:

'Tumhe Pata hai yahan VVIP Gari k raste me ao to kya ho sakta hai tumhare sath?' Were the words uttered by two policemen…

Gepostet von Fasih Ali Ahmed am Montag, 25. März 2019

What do you think about this entire incident? Let us know in the comments below.


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