UET Taxila's Admin Is Being Called Out For Negligence After Two Students Allegedly Committed Suicide

By Bisma Rizwan | 16 Jun, 2019

The news of two students allegedly committing suicide in UET Taxila has shaken up Pakistanis.

The University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila is a public university and lately, things haven’t really been the same as students protest against the administration, calling them out for their failure to be adequately there for them in times of crisis and need.

Source: UET Taxila / Website

Just this week, two of UET Taxila’s students committed suicide due to depression – and according to sources, one of them is in a critical condition and is being treated at the POF Hospital Wah Cantt.

According to the students, despite being called, there was no medical help provided to either of the cases, and instead, the ambulances were being used for staff’s transportation.

Apparently, the university has been shoving the other student’s death under the carpet by alleging that it is a natural death.

A counter-narrative is also being presented by those close to the other student.

It is being claimed that she didn’t commit suicide, but died of natural causes, which is in line with the university’s narrative as well. It is being alleged that she had been sick for a long time and while she did not suffer from depression, she suffered from poor health in general.

According to students, the absence of a proper Vice Chancellor has led to the deterioration of the admin to an extent that they’re now facing multiple problems, all of which could have been controlled.

Last year in July, students did come out in protest against the said absence after former VC of the university Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar was appointed VC of the University of Punjab. But it all went down the drain as the UET is still operating without a VC. Due to this, many of the administrative and academic affairs of the university have come to a halt.

Source: UET Taxila / Website

Following the news of the suicides, many students took to Twitter to express their disappointment and protest against the absence of administrative action at the varsity. 

And so, the hashtag #UETTaxilaPoorAdmin started trending nationwide.

Source: Twitter

Apparently, the varsity did have a response but it’s honestly not… what we expect out of any of them

And the kind of negligent response is reflective of how little attention is being paid to medical emergencies and facilities.

The doctors are allegedly being paid in full, yet there are no medicines, nor any medical facilities that could’ve have tended to such a situation.

People are asking where the admin is, and why haven’t they been active during such a tragedy

They’re also asking for accountability

The students are being charged heavily by the institution and yet there’s still a lack of attention to the most basic of facilities

Soon enough, students started talking about everything else that was wrong with the university – from sanitation…

…to poor medical facilities…

…institutional politics…

…and endless nepotism

Apparently, the teachers over there are the main source of demotivation for the students according to many

Girls can’t head out of their dorms due to strict policies, even when there’s a severe power outage

Every single student has been facing problems due to the lack of attention and the collective patience is waning thin

All in all, it’s a sad state of affairs at UET

While there is yet to be an official statement from UET’s officials regarding the entire matter, it is absolutely sad to see how students over there are being treated – given the fact that the institution is counted in the top ranks of the country’s engineering colleges. It is high time that educational institutes across Pakistan sort out their priorities and make sure that not another person has to give up on their life just because they couldn’t get the required attention on time.

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The piece has been updated after the team was contacted by one of the student’s close associates, presenting a counter-narrative.


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Cover Image via UET Taxila / Twitter

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