23 Things Girls Actually Talk About In Their WhatsApp Group

By Kashaf | 10 Oct, 2017

Have you ever wondered what secrets things girls discuss in their WhatsApp group chats? Keep reading to for all the juicy details.


1. Ask for advice

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One of the main things girls do in their group chats is ask for advice, however, they are very specific about which chat they will ask on. Group chats are all about trust – if you don’t trust someone in the group, the chat will never be successful and soon there will be numerous mini group chats excluding members.


2. Send options of outfits that you should wear to a party, event, or even to a gathering of 3 people

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This shirt is ugly, those pants make your legs look amazing, you look like a hot mess…expect the truth and nothing but the truth.

3. Talk about your day

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How is everyone’s week going? Having a bad day? A group chat is like a safe haven – you can talk about the good and the bad.

4. Send 30 minute voice-notes of traumatic events

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Whenever something terribly bad or something super amazing happens…you MUST tell your bffs. This usually leads to a 30 minute voice note filled with numerous stories or a stream of short angry voice notes. Warning: there might be crying involved.

5. Decide whether or not everyone should look cute today

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Whenever plans are made there will be a discussion on whether or not you have to look cute…majority rules but you do you girl – wear what you want.

6. Discuss people you hate

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If one person in the group hates someone, they all hate that person…with a passion. And it will be discussed. Probably multiple times.

7. Fight with each other

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A normal relationship includes fighting, so girls tend to quarrel here and there – it’s totally normal. If you went to bed early and woke up to 750 messages and see that 3 people have left the group chat, consider yourself lucky. It’s your duty to add everyone back and talk it out.

8. Talk about your existential crisis

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Each member of the group chat will go through this phase. Expect long messages and be there to support your friend in their time of need.

9. Gossip about someone you saw and then talk shit about them

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Unexpected and unpleasant run ins will be discussed in much detail – where did you see them? What was she wearing? Did she look better than me?

10. Send MEMES and videos

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I mean…if you don’t send your BFF memes then they aren’t really your friends. Sorry you heard it from me.

11. Talk about their mutual hatred of men

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Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Women love to talk about how much they despise men, they could write better essays on this topic than any history paper.

12. Express your honest feelings towards one another

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If you’re being a bitch – you will be called out on it. If you don’t like something that your friends did, be honest and talk about it.

13. Randomly tell them how much you love them

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Girls love being affectionate towards one another. You will probably get sappy essays in the middle of the night from your BFF going on and on about how much they love and value you, cherish these moments.

14. Vent about family, work, and relationship problems

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Sometime’s life just doesn’t go the way you want it to and the best way to vent is to send an emotional 100 word paragraph to your girlfriends. It’s always great to know that you have someone to talk to.

15. Make plans

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This can and often does lead to arguments. It’s difficult when you’re a group of opinionated girls with a huge appetite and are trying to decide which restaurant you want to eat at. Or if it’s New Years and all of you want to do something different. It’s best to flip a coin.

16. Share screenshots

Source: me

You probably wouldn’t want to go through the media of any group of girls’ WhatsApp chat. You would have enough evidence to end someone’s life and so much more.

17. Motivate each other to work out and eat like a cow at the same time

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You guys should I order a large pepperoni pizza or go to the gym?

18. Pump each other up before doing something

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Whether it be a new job, taking a new class, successfully cooking a meal, confronting someone, or even trying out a new hairstyle  –  YAAAAS queen you got this.

19. Share your mistakes

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Everyone’s human and we’re bound to make mistakes. It’s important that you learn from them and don’t beat yourself up over it. Your friends will always be there to cheer you up. *insert puppy memes*

20. Discuss new hairstyles and makeup

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Your best girlfriends will give you their honest opinions on what color you should dye your hair, or if the makeup you did in your Snapchat looked similar to a clown’s.

21. Share secrets

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Mostly other people’s secrets. Shhhh

22. Boys, boys, boys

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Girls do spend a little bit of time talking about boys (it isn’t always about which one we want to marry, though)…maybe too much.

23. Make sure we’re each other’s biggest fans and supporters

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No matter what you do – you will know that at the end of the day your BFFs will always support you and be there for you.


Are you part of a WhatsApp group chat? What do you share with your BFFs?



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