Pakistani Fans Are Going Insane After Swineryy Revealed Shazia's Dottuh's Hater

By Maryam Malik | 13 Sep, 2019

Shazia’s dottuh’s hater just adds a whole new dimension to the Swineryy world

By now we’re all well aware of the hilarious one-woman army of animoji videos. From the bhenchod alien to the annoyingly basic AF yoga instructor, you name it, and she’s got it.


So what’s with all the commotion about Shazia’s Dottuh’s hater, you ask?

Through a recent turn of events, we can deduce that Marvel’s got nothing on Swineryy when it comes to crossovers. It has just been revealed to us in the latest video that SHAZIA’S DOTTUH’S HATER IS BABY KOALA’S TEACHER.

Watch this video to see how the super frisky teacher who lil asshole bastard’s dad has been doing it with was Shazia’s dottuh’s hater all along!

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One of the many characters that Swineryy has is this koala bear, famously known as “miss miss”. All through the videos, we’ve known how the poor guy’s dad has been hooking up with his teacher and the vividly nasty details of their shenanigans.

This innocently cute koala has to go through a lot of trauma as they both take it all out on him. With the kind of questions he asks, we’d say he’s mentally fucked up and perhaps scarred for life lol.


Another famous character has been the judgmental auntie who takes gossip to a new level. She is after her friend Shazia’s daughter’s life (pronounced “dotuhhhh”) and leaves no leaf in her life unturned no matter how personal it might be

She does NOT have a filter in her mouth and the concept of too much information does not exist for her. Without even knowing the constantly slut-shamed daughter, we know every scandalous detail about her from which park she goes to for a sutta to uncomfortable narrations about her hickeys, all thanks to this very real hater and life ruiner right here.

I mean what a perfectly subtle worded attack.


Now a crossover between the two characters was something no one was expecting

All sorts of responses poured in from fans


Little notes of appreciation for revealing Shazia’s dottuh’s hater from everyone came


Some drew comparisons with famous auteurs


Even Marvel comparisons were drawn with Shazia’s dottuh’s hater




Others wanted to turn it into something bigger beyond Shazia’s dottuh’s hater


Someone’s even made a whole swineryy shajrah of sorts to understand the whole world after Shazia’s dottuh’s hater was revealed

So excited to see what Swineryy has in store of us next.

What do you think of this insane crossover? Let us know in the comments.


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