A Woman Was Just Rescued From Hafizabad After Her Own Brothers Kidnapped Her For 10 Years

By Noor | 13 Sep, 2019

Woman kidnapped by her own brothers

Cases of human suffering always tug at one’s heartstrings. It’s not just because of how someone had to struggle but also because how other human beings can be so ruthless that they’d mistreat a fellow human worse than animals. A recently unraveled case from Hafizabad tells a similar tale of human suffering.


A woman in Hafizabad was just rescued after she was held captive in a room by her own brothers for 10 years

According to reports, the woman was locked up due to a dispute regarding inheritance. It is being said that the people from the neighboring houses informed the police about the entire situation.

The police revealed that the neighbors informed authorities after they heard the voice of a woman from the house.. A lot of the neighbors insisted for the police to thoroughly investigate the matter and urged them to rescue the woman on a humanitarian basis.


A police team was dispatched to the address after neighbors’ complaints and upon investigation they discovered that the house was locked from outside

As soon the brothers of the woman reached the house, they threatened to kill the police officials present at the scene. The police safely rescued the woman and the neighbors identified the woman as the sister of those men who were verbally threatening the police.


Police have arrested the alleged culprits and the woman has been sent to Rescue 1122 trauma centre for treatment

The brothers would push food for the woman by putting it in plastic bags and shoving it into the dark room where they had kept her captive.


Watch more about the sad story of the woman and her brothers here

Incidents like this highlight not only human suffering in general but also the fact that our society consists of a male-dominated power structure which curbs the basic rights of women. This is why women have so much worse than the men in our society. There is an urgent need to overhaul the laws concerning women rights. Moreover, it’s very important to properly implement the already present laws. The alleged culprits should definitely be given a severe punishment to ensure that cases like this do not occur.


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