Here's Which Swinery Character You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Sannia Bilal | 12 Jul, 2019

Find out which Swinery character are you according to your zodiac sign.

The famous Instagram page Swinery, where a girl uses different animojis to express herself keeping the anonymity of her identity intact has been the talk of the town for quite a while. So yeah, based on most of the personalities on the account, I have finally been able to compile the list of zodiac signs that could be associated with each character.

Let’s see if your zodiac has been enlisted with your fav:

1. Aries: The Poet Guy

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the tea ✂️

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the element associated with this sign is ‘Fire’. So we all know that this dude is hopelessly in love. The passion he portrays for Zulaikhan is exactly what an Aries would do, since they are known for showering their loved ones with affection, and sometimes to the extreme. This guy sometimes goes overboard with his words and gets in trouble and we all know that caution isn’t an Aries’ best personality trait.


2. Taurus:  The Alien

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So, Taurus folks are known to be stubborn and who else could be more stubborn than this guy living up in space who lost his shit when the images of the black hole were released by NASA. Taurus folks have the ability to see life from a realistic and grounded perspective. Similarly, this dude is always talking about the basic necessities that people of Mars are somehow denied. He’s brazen, unabashedly honest and takes no shit – how very Taurus of him.


3. Gemini: Assheole Bastard

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testing 1 2 3

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Geminis are curious to gather as much information as they can. Moreover, they are also considered to be the ones who would twist up events and draw conclusions of their own. Who’d be a better Gemini than this Koala who keeps questioning his teacher about her relationship with his dad? Also, not to hate on Geminis but they’re trolled the most, as is this little assheole bastard.


4. Cancer: Poop (or choco cone)

Cancers are generally highly imaginative and showcase fierce love for their family, but they are also moody and manipulative. This guy refuses to accept that he’s, well, poop. Instead, he says he’s just a choco cone. He also seems to be in denial of the fact that choco cone can give you cavities. Oops! Sensitive AF, but probably well-meaning – much like a Cancerian.

5. Leo: Wannabe Burger Dude.

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testing 123

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This dude who has apparently flown in from abroad for “Anoushey ki Shendi” seems to be quite full of himself, exactly how a Leo would be. He’s self-centered and loves to be a show-off while referring to the simplest of things – both traits that can be associated with Leos.


6. Virgo: The Lion

You’d think the lion would be a Leo – but nah. Virgos are considered to be dedicated and hard-working. Similarly, this lion seems to have created a LinkedIn profile because he’s looking for a job. Virgos are also known for being critical of themselves and others which the lion is. I mean, he’s concerned with how “Hakuna Matata” can be accurate in the 21st Century.


7. Libra: The Yoga Instructor.

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yogis in their IG videos be like

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Libras are always in constant search of knowledge. They’re also quite fascinated by balance. Who else would know better about balance than a yoga instructor herself?


8. Scorpio: Shazia’s Dottuh’s Hater

Scorpios are considered to be brave and resourceful. Along with that, they’re jealous and secretive. This vindictive aunty seems like a perfect Scorpio to me since she’s always launching a scathing attack at Shazia’s Dottuh. And well, ‘Avacado ka Halwa’ is self-explanatory…. talk about being brave. LOL


9. Sagittarius: Blue Molvi.

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gift of the gayb #pride

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So this Molvi might seem a bit orthodox but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Much like Sagittarius folks, he is idealistic with a great sense of humor. He tries to be enthusiastic and dynamic while conveying his message. He portrays the picture of a very bubbly character. And also sings quite well.


10. Capricorn: Shazia’s Dottuh’s Hater’s Mother-In-Law.

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Subze Ro

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Capricorns are almost always disciplined and responsible. They are also blessed with self-control. So this woman (though loves to talk behind her bahu’s back) seems to be controlling herself pretty well through all the organic iftaris. She’s also quite evidently tolerating a number of other things she seems to be quite critical about, which also falls in line with Capricorns being opinionated.


11. Aquarius: The Pig.

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don’t forget me

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Aquarius are deep thinkers who love helping people. They are progressive, original; and independent. This piggy questions why he is haram and talks about signing a petition against Priyanka, so he’s pretty woke. He’s also on the display picture of the page itself if that counts as original. I mean – the page is called Swineryy. This pig right here oozes innovation.

12. Pisces: Owl.

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felt cute might delete later

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Pisces folks are nice people, man. They’re friendly and usually find themselves in the company of different kind of people. This owl is one of the cutest characters on Swinery. He has the most adorable British accent and seems to have moved to Pakistan recently. He’s also quite innocent and is often bullied. And sometimes he’s quite curious why people want to send him to ‘Empress Market’.

That was my interpretation of each zodiac sign in accordance with the characters on Swinery. What are your thoughts? Do you think my interpretation was accurate? Do let me know in the comments.



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