Who Is “Shazia's Daughta” And Why Is This HILARIOUS Instagram Account After Her Life? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

By Fatima A | 16 Mar, 2019

“Swinery” (referred to as Swineryy on the Instagram page) is a popular Instagram comedy page that features various Animoji characters which are downright hilarious!

These characters tackleย desi issues in an unapologetically outspoken way and it’s just rib-tickling.

So, what’s the story behind this massively popular Instagram page? In an exclusive interview to MangoBaaz, the mastermind behind Swinery reveals that the page was actually created on a whim after she made the infamous “Y M Haraam” video on a friend’s phone and decided to randomly upload it.

Swinery isn’t limited to videos featuring just the pig Animoji but actually does numerous different characters!

From the pig in question, tackling rumors…

…to a lion who wants you to get his name right…

…to a clearly traumatized koala…

…to the aunty who hates “Shazia’s daughta…”

…to extraterrestrial beings –ย sab milega yahan pe.

There is even the occasional product review, often featuring the internet favorite “Mr Deoggy”

Even celebrities are LOVING her stuff

Like, they can’t help but appreciate her

In fact, Swinery was even featured on some of the signs at Aurat March 2019!

And not just one sign, either.

Kaafi thay.

So who is the face behind all the characters? Unfortunately for the world, we may never find out.

The creator reveals that they plan on staying anonymous. However, they did confirm that there is only one person behind all the voices and that all the content is created spontaneously and is non-scripted!

While it’s all fun and games, the account does, quite hilariously, expose the nitty gritty hypocritical aspects of our society. It raises important questions, and while we laugh at what is presented before us, it leaves behind certain questions.

A personal favorite has to be the aunty that picks on Shazia’s daughter, who is an oft-berated character bearing the brunt of said-aunty’s hatred.

From picking on “Shazia’s daughta” for being too…open

…to questioning her character for “giving eyes” to her son and husband…

…to comparing Shazia’s daughta’sย dil ka temperature to cold avocados – the entire account is an absolute treat.

Shazia’s daughta unfortunately reminds all of us of, well, us. We’ve all been her at some point, getting told off by aunties who tend to house a little bit of hypocrisy within their hearts,ย chahey jitni bhi modern hojayein.ย It’s also funny, because we’ve all probably been the aunty at some point too…so, yeah. Holding up a great mirror to our society, no?

If you haven’t checked out the account yet, you’re missing out. Go ahead, fall down that rabbit hole and experience the pure comic relief that the account provides.


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