Why Life in a Pakistani Family is Better Than Anything Else

By Sadia Khan | 2 Dec, 2015

Did you realize how blessed you are for having been born into a Pakistani family? No mater how much your Dad scolds you, you will still find him the proudest when you achieve something in life. Your mom will still cook you the yummiest food even when she is upset with you. Thanks to the crazy siblings and caring cousins and all those special people we call our chachu, mamu, khala, phupho, dada,nana and every other relationship imaginable, you get to live such a comfortably loved life.

But there are certain perks and privileges of a Pakistani family that are absolutely special and need to be talked about. Read on:


1. The fun-filled weddings

Attending a wedding in Pakistan is a blessing, indeed. Our weddings are world class affairs, from the yummiest food to the best desi music, everything is worth it. But you know what makes it extra special? FAMILY! What would we do if it hasn’t been for the tons of cousins to dance on the mehndi?

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2. The lavish family dinners 

There are talks about when that cousin is getting their prestigious engineering degree or about your fancy new job. Sometimes you may get annoyed by everyone inquiring into your “personal life” but remember, nothing is personal in a Pakistani family. And if you get to share all that over some delicious biryani, what better way to polish off your khala‘s cooking!

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3. Sitting around the TV and doing everything but watching it quietly

The only time when families actually sit together on a daily basis these days, other than meals, is when everyone watches the TV. Sometimes the two are combined. It gets boring when your dad constantly drones about switching to the news channel, then again Mehr Bukhari certainly is as entertaining in her show as Mahira Khan is. And don’t get me started on a match screening!

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 4. The crazy holidays

Who doesn’t enjoy going to the splendid northern areas of Pakistan? At least, once in your school life, your family takes you to this amazing trip, probably to Murree. The mountains would never look so delightful it wasn’t for your awesome family.

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And if your family is anything like mine, there will be fights over the choice of music with your brothers or sisters. Also, the adventurous food experiments that your father insists you eat won’t actually be as good, tbh.


5. The “Khala” and “Pupho” wars

No matter how hard you try, you can never choose between these two remarkable ladies in your life. When your mom can’t stop telling you every story of “zulm” your pupho caused her, your dad will always be there to remind you how your khala manages to disturb the family’s privacy by tagging along everywhere they go. You on the other hand, just want to love them for they shower you with all their love regardless of how their relationships with your parents are.

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6. Not having the burden of any secrets

In a Pakistani family, as you all know, there is going to be zero privacy, so whether you like it or not, you can’t hide that bad report card of yours. Your sister will find it eventually. And forget about being upset about something personal and walk around with a frown. Everyone will drive you crazy by asking a zillion questions. In a way it is good that you can share everything and keep your heart light. You don’t have to go to your grave with the burden of personal secrets.



7. Knowing that obeying your parents will get you jannat and having fun will get you dozakh

It is like a religious ritual for your family to never ever let you get on the ganday bachon way. They have these instructions ready for you whenever you even talk about something which isn’t right according to them. And yes, EVERYONE in the family has their own rules of living the upright life.

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8.  The treasure trove of naseehat that your older relatives are

In a Pakistani household the older relatives, or ghar ke baray, are the most respected(and feared) beings. At times they are even your go-to person for every important decision. That can be your dearest dada or the sweetest nani.  These guys also have the most entertaining stories to tell and important tips regarding everything.

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9. The family’s ability to tolerate you and your craziness 

No one can handle your mood swings and fulfill your impractical wishes like your own family. The deserve awards for they have seen the worst of you and still haven’t disowned you. They may tease you about it but actually are very careful if you’re still afraid of the dark as an adult.

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10. The ultimate love and care that you can’t get anywhere else

They hold you high when you are scared, or sad, or just in need of a long hug. They support you in every craziness you embark upon and love you with all their heart. No one in this world can care about you as they do. Family is indeed, a source of true happiness.

Source: Mara Ahmed

And if you have as many members as a Pakistani family does, there is never any lack of love. Ever!

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