Pakistani F16s Escorted An Indian Plane Crossing Pakistani Airspace To Safety After Goof Up By Indian Civil Aviation

By Maryam Khalid | 21 Oct, 2019

Pakistani F16s displaying more Pakistani hospitality, this tea is fantastic too

With tensions between India and Pakistan at an all time high because of the events that have unfolded in Kashmir, it is safe to say that even a rogue pigeon from either side is enough to trigger warnings. This is exactly what happened recently when an Indian commercial plane was mislabeled  as a fighter jet while crossing Pakistani airspace.


Pakistani F16s just showed Indians how its done in the air by escorting an Indian commercial plane to safety after India’s Civil Aviation wrongly labeled the plane as a fighter jet

India assigned a military code to a civilian plane, carrying 120 passengers from India. The plane was headed towards Kabul, Afghanistan via Pakistan’s airspace.

Pakistan Air Force immediately intercepted the plane. After checking that it was indeed a harmless commercial plane, the PAF escorted it to the other side of the border.

The horror lies in the fact that what would have happened if PAF had shot down the plane, assuming it to violate the Pakistani airspace? 120 innocent deaths and all because of a major blunder by someone in India’s Civil Aviation Authority. Not that Indians are new to such blunders, remember when they shot their own chopper down and blamed it on Pakistan?


People are wondering if such miscoding could even have been a deliberate attempt to trigger a war between the two countries but thanks to Pakistani F16s it was avoided

This conspiracy theory just feels too real.


Even Indians are lashing out at Indian Air Force for such a stupid mistake


Indians are applauding Pakistan Air Force for acting responsibly in this situation


Such silly mistakes need to be avoided at all costs. There really is no room for making such errors, especially in times like these when the two countries are already on the brink of war.

Kudos to the Pakistan Air Force! They indeed handled the matter humanely.


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