Pakistani Boys Are Using The Snapchat Gender Flip Filter To Pose As Girls On Tinder Aur Bas Yehi Reh Gaya Tha Dekha

By Manahil | 19 May, 2019

If you haven’t heard about the gender-swap filter, you are literally living under a rock. It’s everywhere. And although it’s all for shits and giggles, leave it to Pakistani’s to take advantage of everything.


Karachi-based comedian Shehzad Ghias Shaikh found some people, oops, let me clarify – some men – have been using the gender-swap filter on Tinder

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.


He told MangoBaaz, he does use Tinder, as “apart from being a comedian” he is also “single male”.

I had to ask him if he talked to any of these ‘girls’ but unfortunately, he told me he “swiped left”. Sighs. But I don’t blame him.

Previously, as a prank, Shahzad has himself catfished some men on Tinder pretending to be a girl, but the only difference was, the filter wasn’t available back then. But – he still had his fun, getting scarred a bit by tharki Pakistani men in the process.  So this time he told me he had no interest in speaking to them, “I am done with that – it has even destroyed any desires I might have had of being gay”. LOL. And added, he “wants nothing to do with Pakistani men”.

I asked him if catfishes are common on Tinder. He told me he doesn’t really know because he “swipes left on most people” since he’s “extra wary”. And you might be guessing why. Well, he’s “expecting vengeance from the people” he catfished before. Let me just die laughing now.

source: Evolution Film & Tape


So is Tinder in Pakistan really worth being on?

I mean ye question toh banta hai if he’s still using it! But he just said, “ye mai nai bata rah“. He did add that he does know it’s possible to find love on there. And he knows “many people who have found their husbands or wives” through the app. We see you, Shehzad, we see you.

source: Conaco

Also, let’s not forget that he also has parents. I asked him if his parents ever said anything about his wild Tinder shenanigans, he replied, “not anymore”. The most they’ll say now is the generic, “be careful”. But he says that the shenanigans are probably why he’s single, “girlfriend ki ama ko pata chal gaya tha dirty comedy karta hay larka so break-up hogaya“. He’s kidding, of course!


Leave it to our awam to find the real use of that filter. As always, people are enjoying Shehzad’s jokes.


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Cover Image via: @Shehzad 89 / Twitter

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