19 Of Your Favorite Pakistani Actresses Turned Into Men, Thanks To The Snapchat Gender Flip Filter

By Manahil | 17 May, 2019

Pakistani actresses using the Snapchat gender bender filter

Recently Snapchat has been coming out with insanely entertaining filters, to say the least. You’ve probably seen the gender-swap one going around the internet. And have you checked out famous politicians turned into women?

Well, we’re here to take it to another level, and ruin everything for you lol. After turning your favorite Pakistani actors into women, here are your favorite Pakistani actresses, gender-swapped of course.


1. Mahira Khan

source: tvi.com.pk


2. Aiman Khan

source: Aiman Khan via Instagram


3. Minal Khan

source: Minal Khan via Instagram


4. Saba Qamar

source: Saba Qamar via Instagram


5. Mehwish Hayat

source: Mehwish Hayat via Instagram


6. Sajal Aly

source: Sajal Aly via Instagram


7. Iqra Aziz

source: Iqra Aziz via Instagram


8. Ayesha Omar

source: Ayesha Omar via Instagram


9. Urwa Hocane

source: Urwa Hocane via Instagram


10. Mawra Hocane

source: Mawra Hocane via Instagram


11. Sanam Saeed

source: Sanam Saeed via Instagram


12. Sanam Baloch

source: Sanam Baloch via Instagram


13. Syra Shahroz

source: Syra Shehroz Fanpage via Instagram


14. Hania Aamir

source: Hania Aamir via Instagram


15. Maya Ali

source: Maya Ali via Instagram


17. Kinza Hashmi

source: Kinza Hashmi via Instagram


18. Hira Mani

source: Hira Mani via Instagram


19. Neelam Muneer

source: Neelam Muneer via Instagram

Also, I’m not sure about you guys, but there is no way I can unsee some of these – I mean, DID YOU SEE SYRA SHEHROZ? LOL.

Anyways, hope you guys got a kick out of these. Let us know in the comments below who you’d like us to put through this Snapchat filter next.


Here’s How Your Favorite Pakistani Actors Would Look As Women, Thanks To Snapchat’s New Filter


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