This Pakistani Cleaner's Special Reward As The Best Worker At The Holy Kaabah Has Gone Viral On Social Media

By Noor | 17 May, 2019

This Pakistani cleaner at the Kaabah has gone viral

There’s no doubt about this fact that Kaabah occupies a special place in the hearts of all Muslims. The sanctity and the beauty of Kaabah have enabled all Muslims to have a deeper relationship with the place so recently when this Pakistani’s experience at the Holy Kaabah became viral recently, we had to share it with you.


A Pakistani cleaner of the Holy Kaabah was apparently voted as the most hard-working cleaner of the month, as his reward he requested to pray in Hateem

After being nominated as the most diligent cleaner, the Pakistani was apparently offered money as a reward. He politely refused to accept everything as his reward and presented the unique demand. He wanted to pray in Hateem. Hateem is also known as Hijr e Ismail which is a low semi-circular wall which is an original part of the Holy Kaabah.



The authorities decided to fulfill the Pakistani worker’s wish and soon arrangements were made to allow him to pray in Hateem

The doors were closed and that area was given to the cleaner for some time.

Source: @undersubscribed/Twitter

After news of this incident recently became viral on social media, it became clear that this story may have happened back in 2014

The story was shared by Muslim scholar Dr. Bilal Philips in 2014 and since then people have not stopped discussing it.

People were so happy for him and mentioned that this person is EXTREMELY fortunate


They said that this is one of those few things that money can’t buy


 A few even said that he is the luckiest man in the world


People were glad to see that the person made a wise selection of reward

So, what do think about all this? Let us know in the comments below.


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