Here's How Your Favorite Pakistani Actors Would Look As Women, Thanks To Snapchat's New Filter

By UA | 16 May, 2019

Pakistani actors using the Snapchat gender bender filter

Snapchat’s latest filter has caused chaos across the globe with its ability to let people picture themselves as the opposite gender. Yes, that is correct- you can now virtually meet the bhaiyya/behna version of yourself.

Obviously, that makes us wonder what the finest of our own would look like as chicas…and oh me oh my- they don’t disappoint. So without further delay, here are 18 of our finest men, with just a sprinkle of femininity (oooof!) and we imagine what their lives would be in this alternative world so enjoy:


1. Fawad Khan

Lady Fawad looks like she already knows all my secrets. She knows it all.

I’m sorry.



2. Feroze Khan

Lady Feroze is adorable AF, but she knows what she wants and she’s not stopping till she gets it.

Always ready to pose. Won’t hesitate to tell all boises to check their privilege.

Source: @ferozekhan/Instagram


3. Humayun Saeed

Make-up enthusiast. World-class hairstylist.

She ain’t got no time for nonsense.

Source: @saeedhumayun/Instagram


4. Bilal Abbas Khan

Lady Bilal knows what you did last night…and her eyes say it all.

…you don’t want lady Bilal to be your mom. Or your sister. Or your saas.

Source: @bilalabbas_khan/ Instagram


5. Ahad Raza Mir

Damn, behna. Das some badass energy.

She’s gonna save Pakistan.

Source: @ahadrazamir/ Instagram


6. Emmad Irfani


Dermatologist. Gym-trainer. Hand model.

Source: @emmadirfani/ Instagram


7. Osman Khalid Butt

You can catch lady Obi canceling the patriarchy morning, evening, and night.

Source: @aclockworkobi/ Instagram


8. Imran Abbas

Lady Imran has all the tea…but she’ll let you amuse her anyway.

Source: @imranabbas.official


9. Ahsan Khan

Pakistan’s very own Kendall Jenner.

Hollywood wants her.

Hollywood ain’t gon’ get her.


Source: @khanahsanofficial


10. Hamza Ali Abbasi

Lady Hamza is a passionate tourist, occasional photographer and mountain biker. Also an excellent blogger and poet.

You can always confide in her, no matter what. Go subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Source: @realhamzaaliabbasi/ Instagram


11. Shehryar Munawar

She would be a journalist.

Hidden talent: can smell all the Sapphire sales. World-class bahu.

Source: @sheheryarfc/ Instagram


12. Imran Ashraf

You better not be slacking at work if she’s your boss. Kinda cute, kinda scary…a softie at heart though.

Source: @imranashrafawan/ Instagram


13. Ahmed Ali Butt

A chef, an entrepreneur, a BAWSE.

Source: @ahmedalibutt/ Instagram


14. Farhan Saeed

Best friends with lady Hamza and lady Ahad. Occasionally offers emotional support but won’t hold back from calling you out. Team anchor.

Source: @farhan_saeed/ Instagram


15. Javed Sheikh

She makes the best brownies. Aw.

Source: @events_gossip/ Instagram


16. Muneeb Butt

BNU ’17. UCLA ’19.

Ready to travel the world.

Source: @muneeb_butt/ Instagram


17. Fahad Mustafa

You can run, you can hide.

She still gon’ catch you.

Source: mustafafahad26/ Instagram


18. Affan Waheed

Lady Affan would teach 6th grade English. She would love Shakespeare and Dickens. Part-time botanist. Top-class best friend material.

Source: @affanwaheedofficial/ Instagram

Thereee you go! I kinda sorta want to be best friends with all of them. Also slightly jealous tbh that they can look this good with a filter and we can’t even come close to that IRL. What is this life?

The filter, since its release, has become so popular that it has caused inactive users to re-install the app and hundreds to make a new account. While it is seriously worrisome to some people, and makes others hysterically laugh their heads off, there is one thing everyone has now agreed on- it makes all the men look FAB AS HELL.

What do you think about this new filter? If you want us to use it on someone else let us know in the comments below.


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