Hania Aamir Might Have Just Asked Her Fans To Stop Trolling Yasir Hussain After He Joked About Her Looks

By Iman Zia | 15 May, 2019

Despite Yasir Hussain’s continual belittling of Hania Aamir, the latter just took to her Instagram account to tell her fans and followers not to troll or bully anyone.

After Iqra Aziz went on a mass unfollowing spree following the Yasir Hussain controversy, Hania too unfollowed Iqra back along with Yasir.

Yasir recently posted an excerpt from ‘The News’ and posted a sick emoji over Hania’s picture on his Instagram stories.

Source: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram


Around the same time, Hania went onto her Instagram account to post a message for her fans.

Hania said that “trolling and cyberbullying is not right. Doing it is wrong, and I know there are followers in my comments section who discourage such behavior.”

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


“I’m very happy if you stand with me, but if you’re going to go ahead and bash somebody on their looks or any feature on my behalf, then that’s something I will never appreciate.”

She said how it would be in bad taste, and would never want anyone who stands for her to do something like this; “If I don’t stop my fans from being negative about someone, then I’m being hypocritical.” She insisted on how she didn’t ever want to hurt anyone and said to always be mindful moving forward when trying to tell someone off.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Hania ended her story on a very beautiful note:

Let’s talk more about positivity, let’s pray for the negative people and let’s not get driven my emotions. We can only explain it to them. If they don’t listen to you then pray that Allah shows them the right path.”


Bravo for Hania for encouraging us all to be kinder with our words.

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