This Comedian From Karachi Pretended To Be A Girl On Tinder And Invited Tharki Men To Meet Him

By Mehwish A. W. | 23 Apr, 2019

He catfished tharki men by pretending to be a girl on Tinder

If you’re a woman in Pakistan who has ventured into the land of online dating through dating apps, then you are braver than our armed forces, sister! Apart from the fact that women on dating apps venturing out to seek a partner are not looked upon positively by society, the amount of tharki messages they receive is insane! Seriously, insane!

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That’s what gave this Karachi based standup comedian some inspiration for a real-life prank.

Source: Shehzad Ghias Shaikh


Shehzad Ghias decided to find out what happens to women when they join Tinder and well, all he was able to uncover was tharak was super se bhi ooper.

When he joined Tinder, he matched with this girl named Anaya who had made the account specifically to find out whether her boyfriend was cheating. Crazy, right? Anaya, after recognizing him as a comedian, told Shehzad that there were so many married men, cheating boyfriends and fuckbois on Tinder and that she had found out that her boyfriend was also cheating on her so she was planning to delete the account. Shehzad thought it was a fun way to get back to all such people and asked her if he could take it over and that’s where it all began.


He changed the name from Anaya to Shazia, using it as girl’s account with the display picture of an American Pakistani model from the 1980s and the matches started pouring in:

Source: Shehzad Ghias Shaikh


In the next few days, he got all kinds of tharki messages and sex talk from men.

Men were in a hurry to get to the point: when and where to hook up? After getting to hear it over and over again, he decided to give such men a lesson.

Source: Shehzad Ghias Shaikh


So he did what any sane person would do and called all of those men on a date at a restaurant. AT THE SAME TIME. LOL.

Source: Shehzad Ghias Shaikh

He filmed all this while the men kept waiting for hours, continuing to messaging him on Tinder since Shazia was nowhere to be found. Some of them eventually figured out that there were far too many of them who were all called in by a “Shazia and that it must be someone catfishing them.




Talking to MangoBaaz, Shehzad said that his purpose of using an account with a girl’s name initially was to have some fun but when he started getting all sorts of uncomfortable messages from men even before saying ‘hi’ or responding to their first message, he thought it was time to educate men on how to talk to people on Tinder.

He added that, even though Tinder is a dating or a hook up app, it’s not an app where you open with ‘how much can I pay to fuck you’. “The reason girls can relate so much – and I was in touch with my friends on Tinder while doing it – is because the level of entitlement shown by people there is insane. Just because you matched does not mean you are having sex for sure. So. for men, to feel entitled about that or to begin by saying 69? or calling you to shady apartments, I think, is far riskier than anything I had done”


Watch this video to find out the whole story:

Don’t know about you but we totally agree with what Shehzad had to say. In all seriousness, these cringey conversations are not okay.

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