The Ridiculous Similarity Over Edhi Saab And Sridevi's Deaths Show How Pakistani And Indian Media Are All The Same

By Sajeer Shaikh | 1 Mar, 2018

When Edhi Saab departed, it was a huge blow for Pakistan. The iconic humanitarian left behind a void that is yet to be filled.



When Bollywood legend Sridevi passed away recently, it was a huge blow to Indian cinema.

These two instances have absolutely nothing in common, as the two personalities were from different walks of life.

However, there is one striking similarity that has been highlighted. It is the unfortunate way in which the two deaths were reported by media personnel in Pakistan and India.

Here’s a tweet that highlights this similarity:

The first screengrab is apparently of a Pakistani reporter, entering Edhi Saab’s grave.

Source: @siddharth3/Twitter

The second is an Indian reporter trying to illustrate Sridevi’s’ death by entering a bathtub.

(In case you aren’t all caught up, Sridevi’s cause of death has been cited as “accidental drowning.”)

Source: @siddharth3/Twitter

Matlab, hadh hai. However, if you think that’s it, you’d be wrong. Other Twitter users shared these tweets:

That’s how some Indian reporters chose to broadcast updates about Sridevi’s’ death.

Source: @jutt41/Twitter

When people saw the tweet, they weren’t too happy. 

While some pointed out the similarities between Pakistan and India…

…others couldn’t help but focus on how terrible this truly is for both nations.

However, there seemed to be mutual agreement over the fact that this display of invasive and insensitive journalism was piteous.

Getting a story out first and presenting it in a unique way is understandable. However, we must ask ourselves: where do we draw the line? What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments below.


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