How Pakistan Is The Best Market For Google's Latest Technology

By Warda Baig | 7 Jun, 2016

In its annual flagship event for developers, Google unveiled some stunning new products and features, earlier this year. The event began with a keynote by Sundar Pichai, CEO Google, highlighting key developments expected from Google in 2016.


However we switched off the TV as soon as we saw a Hindu take the stage and get applauded.



LOL JK. (Not).


Talking about evolution and the rapidly changing dynamics in tech, Sundar announced Google’s plans for evolving search to be much more “assistive”.

That was a clear hint toward what was coming up next.

The next-generation Google Assistant, sort of like a chatbot, would be grounded in conversational assistance. A lot of debate is going on whether Google Assistant would be bringing in anything new to the arena in the presence of smart assistance features like Siri, Alexa and Cortana? The answer is yes.


But would it be able to give totkay in real-time like Aapa Zubaida?

Not in a million years.

Source: Pakistanitalk

In principle, what sets Google Assistant apart from the existing players, is its ability to parse questions and build a contextual response.

For instance, if you ask Google Assistant the question, “What does this do” while standing next to Metro Bus in Lahore, the Assistant will project the following image to your phone screen:

Source: Pak101


If you ask Google Assistant, “What is true love?”, it will display the following image to you:



Why would it might not win in Pakistan?

Google Assistant might be revolutionizing the way people search globally, however due to the availability of the Phupho app in Pakistan, (running on iOS, Android, through Windows and inside other people’s houses, working directly through satellite) the Assistant might not be able to work for the local market.

Moreover, Pakistan’s existing solution, the Phupho app, is available both online and offline to make suggestions, recommendations and uninvited naseehat.

Source: Fun.Putidea


Next up on our list is the Allo messaging app.

It’s a pretty basic text messaging app much like Whatsapp or iMessage, except when coupled with the power of Google’s all new Assistant, it becomes a powerhouse of AI-based conversation.

Basically in a two way conversation with another person, Google Assistant smartly analyses both the responses and suggests searches/prompts wherever necessary!

So when you’re having a late night conversation with your jaanu, Google Allo will be the creepy kabab mein haddi and suggest Maya Khan-free dating spots for you both. Or occasionally shout “Get a room!” at inappropriate moments. Sounds fun right?

Source: Jaanujikibaatein Via: Facebook

Going hand in hand with Allo, is Duo, Google’s video messaging app. One unique feature of Duo would be something that goes by the name of “Knock Knock”. Knock Knock would allow recipients to get a live preview of the caller before the call is even answered, so that you never miss a moment.


Why Google’s new technology will succeed in Pakistan?

This technology takes dirty texting to a whole new level. Free objectionable previews on your phone anytime.

You can run but you can’t hide.

Source: Squeakerdogs

Last one on our list is Google Home, a direct competitor to Amazon Echo.

Building on the concept of Internet of Things (or IoT, as it’s known among the “tech” circles) and smart home appliances, Google Home is the future of personal assistance for domestic tasks.


Unconfirmed reports tell us, Google Home’s Pakistani version would be named Google Maasi.

Added functionalities would include unannounced chuttiyan, bathroom wala pocha bedroom mein lagana aur bahu ki buraaiyan saas ko batana.



We believe Google has a treasure trove of untapped market available in Pakistan and if they’re able to successfully adapt their technology to cater to Pakistani markets there’s no stopping Google from global domination.

They just need to hire Zubaida aapa as their brand ambassador.

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