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13 Fictional Couples From Pakistani Dramas You Wish Were Real

13 Fictional Couples From Pakistani Dramas You Wish Were Real

Pakistani television has unarguably bestowed upon us some of the most beloved couples; two characters so wonderfully perfect for one another that even the least of drama enthusiasts can’t help ‘ship’ them together in a far more realistic world. With heartbreaking tales that tell their stories so wonderfully, on-screen couples have sturdily engraved themselves into our hearts as their beautiful stories unravel before us.


We begin with Sang-e-Mar Mar‘ with Shireen and Aurung

Shireen and Aurung’s love was tearing. They were childhood sweethearts and spent almost every day together, however, Aurung left to pursue his studies, leaving Shireen behind in a fairly rigid and backward village. While Shireen unfailingly loved Aurung until his return years later, Aurung had long forgotten her. Unrequited love is all Shireen has to hold on to, symbolic through a peacock’s feather a young Aurung had given her once; it’s all she knew. And while their love story had a tragic end, no two people fit more than these two buds.


Saman and Irtaza from ‘Bin Roye

While Saba undoubtedly loved Irtaza with all her heart, unrequited love, like Shireen’s too, unfortunately, forms as the premise for her heartbreak. Irtaza falls for Saman, and while many still longed to have Irtaza with Saba, delving in deep into their personalities will unveil the zesty chemistry between Irtaza and Saman – something that frankly wasn’t there in the case of Saba. Irtaza only saw Saba as a younger, foolish friend; he fell for Saman, and had she not died, they would have had a non-fleeting love together.


Mannu and Salahuddin from ‘Mann Mayal‘ 

Salahuddin was humble, kind and incredibly soft spoken. Couple that demeanor with Mannu’s frivolous and childlike nature and you get quite the striking dynamic duo. The two loved one another from the beginning in an incredibly unsaid manner, yet class disparities tore the two apart. When Mannu’s abusive husband finally liberates her, Salahuddin willingly steps in.


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Kashaf and Zaroon from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Kashaf and Zaroon were both incredibly strong-headed, with raging personalities and a rigidness that was often catalyzed by inflated egos. Nonetheless, when the two often fought, sparks started flying and ignited something quite extraordinary; two people from very, very different backgrounds fell in love – only reinstating the fact that love truly holds no bounds.

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Zara and Aunn from ‘Aunn Zara’

Both as stubborn and spoiled as each other, Zara and Aunn made a delightfully comical pair – and honestly, no one else would put up with them the way they do with each other; a match truly made in heaven we say. Throughout all the shenanigans and hurdles that come with married life, both stay true to one another.


Surriyah and Saleem from ‘Dastaan

Dastaantold the tale of pre-partition India and how the events that unfolded ripped a family apart. Surriyah and Saleem were newlyweds and barely spent any time together before both were brutally murdered during a terrifying night raid on their home. They had the most beautiful moments together – tender, soft and hushed. Surriyah was gloriously shy and reserved, and Saleem was respectful but beautifully mischievous too. The pair were wonderful together and had the most tragic downfall.


Farah and Afzal from ‘Pyarey Afzal

Afzal quietly loved Farah from afar but was always hopeless in brewing it further; penning letters to himself from Farah was his only safe haven. They spent very little time together and had an unfortunate end when Farah at long last confessed her love to an already besotted Afzal. Farah’s precarious temperament was her biggest hindrance to appreciating how selfless Afzal was in his love for her – and she realized it all too late. Time really is never on our side.


Zubia and Asfandyar from ‘Yakeen Ka Safar

Two souls, both who have had the most awful past collide as fate entwines them together. Zubia has been left a recluse, forever living in the cracks of her skeletons, while Asfandyar was left broken after the death of his dear brother Daniyal. And while both are shy, reserved and incredibly nonchalant, their love for one another has blossomed tremendously. They’re both from the same stardust, as we’ve mentioned before too.


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Suhaib and Anjumand from ‘Diyar-e-Dil

This magnificent drama brought forth Anjumand and Suhaib, two heartbroken individuals who were forced into an arranged marriage by Suhaib’s father Agha Jaan. Their love was slow, and not forced. Suhaib and Anjumand realized how well they bode together as time passed – both were calm, collected and very warm. They both exuded an incredible kindness, and spent a happy life together, before Suhaib’s premature death.


Khirad and Ashar from ‘Humsafar

Khirad never swayed from being the reserved, kind and sweet girl that she was. Ashar was taken back by her personality, and instantly fell for her – often asking himself what he did to deserve someone so wonderful and so down to earth. Their marriage too was arranged, albeit through unfortunate circumstances – but love works in silly ways, and for Khirad and Ashar, their story was molded perfectly.


Sammi and Salar from ‘Sammi’ 

Sammi and Salar had a very fleeting friendship. Salar was kind, and adored Sammi, often expressing his adoration for her. Sammi however did not love him; perhaps she did, but her turbulent past might have blurred her from thinking all too clearly. Fate took Salar away all too soon when he meets with an accident, that too after he is awfully beaten up by Sammi’s rather pyschotic brother.


Romaisa and Nabeel from ‘Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara’

Nabeel – rich, dashing and the spitting image of what I believe to be Prince Charming – falls for the beautifully unassertive and meek Romaisa. They were stupendous together, and Nabeel’s dogged determination to keep Romaisa happy at all costs was admirable; Romaisa spent most of the time not being able to comprehend Nabeel’s love for her – and when things were at long last settling down, Nabeel was killed – leaving Romaisa alone and in the dark once more.


Anmol and Mohid from ‘Dil Lagi

Anmol and Mohid – both were authoritative, fearless and vengeful, resulting in quintessential ingredients for an inferno of a couple. Mohid unjustly pursues Anmol, and while his incredibly terrifying personality deterred many, Anmol remained unfazed. However Mohid changed himself for Anmol, and his pursuit in becoming a changed man for her was beautiful.


Who is your favorite on-screen couple you long to be real? Leave in the comments below.

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