15 Absolutely Incredible Moments From “Sang-e-Mar Mar” That Will Make You Love The Drama Even More

By Iman Zia | 30 Aug, 2017

Sang-e-Mar Mar was a pioneering drama that delved into the complex hierarchies in Pashtun families with an overlaying crux of patriarchy and rigid conventions. In the core lay two rival families living in a small village built upon the utmost traditional compass. It was a heartbreaking story, with dwindling scope for happiness – something that made this particular drama all the more real; and while the story was entirely melancholic, the most emphatic and breathtaking moments between the burdened characters molded the drama to utter perfection.


When Aurang asks his mother how she could live with a father like his, she responds, “kyun ke woh mera aadmi hai”

Gulistan Khan is egotistic, and the epitome of chauvinism. Regardless, his wife Shameem is loyal to him.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Torah Khan, who is Gulistan Khan’s nephew, is neglected by his family because of his mother Rakhi, who was of Bengali heritage

Rakhi, once married into the family, was left alienated and alone. She was stripped of her Bengali roots, and ultimately her identity. However, “jab bhi baarish hoti thi, usse apna watan yaadh aata tha.” A moment of clarity befalls Rakhi, who wears her saree, and puts on her best jewels before elegantly dancing in the rain. It’s a sweet, tender few epoch of time before she is beaten to death by Gulistan Khan.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Torah Khan is a broken man; he keeps a cassette player close to him where he listens to his mother’s favorite Bengali song

He cannot forgive Gulistan Khan for his mother’s death. It taunts him, destroys him, only furthering pushing him away from his already disintegrated family. It’s heartbreaking to see him constantly lock himself in his rattling closet of skeletons, yet him dwelling in the past is the only way he knows how to exist.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


The confrontation between Gulistan Khan, and Saif-ur-Rehman, the man who murdered his son

This is unarguably a brilliant altercation. Gulistan Khan asks Saif-ur-Rehman if he killed his son Goher the Islamic way, or if he was brutally murdered without breathing a kalma.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Shireen, whose love for Aurang stems from their childhood, spends each day longing for him through a symbolic peacock feather she keeps stashed away

This feather is all that allows her to hold onto her past with Aurang. Although the love is unrequited, Shireen cannot let go.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


The moment Shireen and Aurang finally meet after years apart

This rendezvous is incomplete and excruciating. A few words are tossed here and there, and before Shiri can say anything, Aurang is beckoned by nearby passersby. Shiri breaks down immediately after she closes the gate – an influx of drowning emotions suffocates someone who just saw their love after what feels like a lifetime.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions

Shireen reveals her mendhi, thinking she was going to wed her one true love Aurang, only to find out on the day of her nikkah that she is, in fact, marrying his brother, Safiullah

She projected she would be marrying Aurang, however, she is wedded to his brother, the already married Safiullah.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Shireen is constantly being accused of crimes she hasn’t committed, but the hushed character takes it all – Saifullah slaps her in front of Gulalai and Aurang

Without the slightest hesitation, Shireen is consoled by Aurang who cannot fathom what he just witnessed. He is helpless, and although he cannot give Shireen the love she pines for, he still truly does care for her – and it is very evident in the way he is with her.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Torah sets up both Safiullah And Saif-ur-Rehman as part of his secret motive for revenge

Saifullah has always mocked Torah, only catalyzing his need for vengeance. It’s a shocking, catastrophic moment whereby Safiullah shoots Saif-ur-Rehman, only to have Torah slyly (and rather shockingly) shoot Saifullah in turn. Torah’s retaliation only mushrooms, and he will do just about anything.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Shameem cannot take it anymore, and the loss she is having to burden upon herself causes her to break

Shameem cannot take it anymore. Her children are dead, with only Aurang left. She loses all hope in the garden, with no one to provide solace for her but Shireen, who at this point is more alone than ever before.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


A heartfelt moment between Aurang and Palwasha takes place, where Palwasha continually makes excuses to visit Aurang, who responds by saying ‘mujhse milna hai, toh sar utha ke milo’

Despite Shireen and Aurang fitting rather too well like a puzzle, Aurang is in love with Palwasha, who has been a stellar character throughout the entire drama. Her kindness has shone through, and in this moment, we see both declare their underlying love for one another. Palwashay makes an excuse to come visit Aurang, who catches her out on it.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Durkhanay admits to everything to her brother, who is about to kill her but is saved by the morning azaan

Durkhanay was the one who was being pursued by Gulistan Khan’s son, however, Shireen was falsely blamed. While Durkhanay remained silent throughout, she could no longer take it and finally spills the truth to her brother. She is about to be killed before the Higher Being saves her.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Shireen, as life progresses, begins to hallucinate Aurang as her mental health deteriorates

Shireen cannot let Aurang go. She sees him almost everywhere and conjures up scenarios where he is close by.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


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