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13 Quotes From Humsafar That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Imaginary Bae

13 Quotes From Humsafar That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Imaginary Bae

Humsafar has got to be that one drama that put Pakistani television on the map, in recent times. People from all over the world went absolutely crazy over the simple love story. People from across the border, even, openly declared their love for Pakistani television after having seen the show. Fawad and Mahira’s careers took off from that show.

Here are just some of the dialogues from the drama that will make you believe in love, respect and life all over again:


1. When Khirad told Ashar about why she can’t sleep after having lied to him



2. When Ashar declared her love for Khirad, and his disbelief that he had her as his wife


3. And when Khirad declared her love for Ashar


4. When Khirad, who’d been left alone in the world, took Ashar as her only sahara


5. When it was raining outside and Khirad chose to spend time with Ashar, instead of her friends


6. When Khirad was telling her friend, Afsheen, about how she’d fallen in love with Ashar


7. When Ashar complained to Khirad about being too sharmeeli 


8. When Ashar couldn’t contain his happiness


9. When Khirad felt a little out of place at a ‘fancy’ dinner

10. When Ashar reinforced Khirad’s importance in his life, again

11۔ When Khirad returns after years and all Ashar wants to do is protect her from the world


12۔ When Ashar tried hating Khirad, but he couldn’t


13۔ And of course, the most iconic of them all…


With the Pakistani television industry flourishing every single day, it’s little wonder that it’s garnering so much international attention. And we’d hope to see it going from here to being the absolute best in the world. What’s your favorite dialogue from Humsafar?


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