Oh My God, Oh My God: People Are OBSESSED With This Young TikTok Star And I Totally See Why

By Maryam Malik | 10 Oct, 2019

The South Indian TikTok star Fun Bucket Bharghav, with over 4 million fans on Twitter, is quickly rising to fame. His videos are fun, quirky and well, entertaining as hell.

Via: tiktok.com/@funbucketbhargav

He makes short videos on almost every topic your brain can think of. There’s a whole thread about it on Twitter.

HOWEVER, the real queen of his videos is Nithiya and just…you have to see it to believe it.

These two make TikToks around relationship struggles. You know, like those of living up to your girlfriend’s expectations:

Fulfilling her wishes

Doing whatever it takes to give her what she likes

But also being smart about it 

Listening to her rant for hours

And waiting for her to get ready for your date

They also teach us how to deal with some common problems

And what to do when you don’t have money for your favorite chicken burger

The point is, these two are absolutely killing it on TikTok. However, their fame has reached Twitter as well and oh my God, oh my God, people are really into Nithiya.

They reign supreme.

He’d do it too

They’ve gained followers instantly and have had followers making their own versions of the famous OMAIGOD

One distinct thing that we simply CANNOT ignore is Nithya’s voice, especially when she says “OMAIGOD”

Twitter quickly picked it up and made the comparison with Janice’s “oh my God” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I thought it was just me.

There were a lot of Friends references

People talked about how catchy it is and how it just WON’T get out of their heads

Let’s be real, we all kinda enjoy it

Do you like this duo? Tell us about your favorite video in the comments.


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Cover image via tiktok.com/@funbucketbhargav
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