Now Pakistanis On TikTok Are Making Hilarious Parodies Of Sarfaraz Ahmed And His Iconic Yawn

By Owais Bin Asad | 18 Jun, 2019

These hilarious TikTok parodies of Sarfaraz Ahmed are epic

If you’re still disheartened by the India-Pakistan match then this might be a good antidote for you. We’re all aware of Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning during the match. If you didn’t watch it live then the abundant memes on Sarfaraz should’ve been enough to tell you the story.


Since the match was so easy for our side, maybe Sarfaraz felt a little bored and sleepy


The internet, already enraged by the loss, saw the opportunity and went after him with SO MANY memes

The internet turned into a meme machine and made sure everyone knew what Sarfaraz had done.


After bombarding the internet with memes, people have turned to hilarious TikTok videos parodying Sarfaraz and his now iconic yawn

Pakistani TikTokers have started making videos imitating Sarfaraz’s actions in a comedic manner. Most of them are, of course, exaggerations but they are hilarious.


Are they a little too much? Maybe. Am I laughing? Yes.


Internet zalim hai boss


Humari awaam ke paas bohat farigh time hai

Of all the ones I’ve seen, this next one is the most hilarious one.


There are no signs of stopping and, honestly all I can say is: keep them coming folks


Here we redefine the meaning of a first slip lol


It ain’t over yet, folks! There’s more…


And finally

People, obviously, loved this collection of videos. I did too, can’t lie.

Sarfaraz ki agli naslon ka zikar bhi hoa…Β This was absolutely ruthless! But was it fair to Sarfaraz? Some times I think we go a little too far with our memes. I get why we blame Sarfaraz for the entire team’s performance but do you think it’s a little too much? Don’t get me wrong, I did laugh. But the question still remains.

What do you think? Are these hilarious to you? Are these offensive? Let us know in the comments below.


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