33 Of The Funniest Viral Memes Of The Iconic Sarfaraz Ahmed Yawn That Will Make You LOL

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 17 Jun, 2019

The now iconic Sarfaraz Ahmed yawn has become a meme

Pakistan lost the match against India by 125 runs yesterday and Pakistani’s are obviously not happy about it. There was not much for fans to pick from the match other than Sarfaraz Ahmed, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team yawning in between that too not once but twice. He seemed bored and clueless. Fans found a way to lift themselves up after a disappointing match: MEMES.

Here are some of the most savage ones:


1. Come yawn guys, the boiz played well. NOT.


2. If Monday morning had a face


3. Sarfaraz reacting to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advise to bat first like..


4. When Pakistanis saw the captain losing interest in the match way before we lost the match


5. Every Pakistan vs India match evaaaaa


6. People photoshopped him hilarious places


7. Banana khayega banana?


8. He was roaring


9. The MGM trademark


10. We found who he was actually copying


11. Oh, well the boys yawned well


12. He is all of us during our board exams


13. When you are just too bored of life


14. When you are playing mind games


15. When you try to squeeze in for the extra 5 minutes


16. Wolrd Cup 1992 vs World Cup 2019


17. When your dad is giving the same lecture for the 100th time


18. When you want a trophy but got zero motivation to earn it


19. Maybe, he was hinting at the number of wins: 0


20. The face you make when you stuff yourself with mutton biryani


21. Too bored because you already know you are a loser


22. When you have not worked out in a while


23. The feeling you get when you are sitting in front in a boring lecture


24. Too much to do, no time


25. When you too cool for the rest of the gang


26. When you cannot take it anymore


27. Basically, the whole Pakistani team yesterday during the match


28. When you are channeling your inner animal


29. When the rishta aunties try to convince you to get married


30. This is all of us before our morning caffeine fix


31. When you are a Railu Katta but they mistake you for a captain


32. It was a lazy Sunday; do not wake me up face


33. Oh well

What do guys think of Sarfaraz Ahmed’s infamous yawn on the field yesterday? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image via Ten Sports

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