Shireen Mazari Tried To Troll Pakistan's Performance Against India But She Got Trolled Instead

By Mashal Abbasi | 17 Jun, 2019

Shireen Mazari expressed her thoughts on Pakistan’s performance

Cricket is serious business, and when it comes to Pakistan Vs India the whole country’s patriotism (or lack thereof) comes out in full force. Yesterday’s match saw all of social media blow up with comments from celebrities, influencers and even politicians.


After Pakistan’s terrible defeat against India in last night’s cricket match, everyone questioned the team’s fitness and the captain’s leadership

Speaking of our captain, he was YAWNING DURING THE MATCH and people had A LOT to say about that.


Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari also shared her thoughts on Pakistan’s performance during yesterday’s ill-fated match

Yikes! She WAS NOT happy.

She commented on pretty much every single aspect of our team’s performance. From their activities the night before, their decisions on the field and of course, the ridiculous behavior of our cricket captain. Let’s dive in shall we?


Some people, and this cracked me up, made sure to remind Ms. Mazari that we are, after all, human

Madam Shireen also went on to condone the fact that the boys were apparently indulging in sheesha the night before the match. One person took advantage of the fact that she mentioned it.


While some may have agreed with her views, many didn’t feel the same way, insisting that her commentary wasn’t in the job description

As Human Rights Minister, it seems many think Ms. Mazari should be more concerned about those who actually need her help and intervention, rather than one of the country’s sports teams.


Some took time out to explain how weather affects the team’s choices, and that Sarfaraz’s decision to bowl first was actually the right thing to do, unlike what everyone has been saying


There was also this tidbit of absolute GOLD, taking the context of Madam Shireen’s tweet and basically twisting it so everything applied to HER

Someone should frame this, yes? no?

We may have lost the match yesterday and our team may be a little bit shitty, but one thing’s for sure; Pakistani twitter is always a winner.


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