The Court Just Ordered Diamond Foam To Stop Using “Papa Jaani” Phrase To Troll Molty Foam

By Maryam Malik | 9 Oct, 2019

Molty Foam just sued Diamond Supreme Foam


We’re all familiar with the iconic Molty Foam “meri nanhi pari” ads

The phrase “papa jaani” has become synonymous with the mattress brand, after all, because of these iconic ads that have become a staple of many of our childhood TV memories.

These ads are all we talked about ad being cute and touchy, it plays smartly on the emotional insight of its audience, reminding people about their childhoods and celebrating the dad and daughter bond. However, it doesn’t sit quite well with the generation now because of how the mattress is presented in dowry for the daughter.

The most famous part of these Molty Foam ads was the phrase “papa jaani


In the ad, the dad thinks the best way to take care of her daughter after she gets married off and sent to her susural is to give her a Master MoltyFoam mattress. It’ll take care of her just the way he did. Mahira Khan comes running into the room in slow-mo calling out “papa jaani” and then continues “ap abhi se mujhay miss karnay lagay?”


Now recently Diamond Foam had used the same “papa jaani” phrase in a campaign

Diamond Supreme Foam who is a competitor of Master Molty Foam, used this ad to convey the message that their mattresses can be ordered online through their website. Mehwish Hayat, the wife, gets mad at the husband for blindly ordering a mattress off of the internet instead of opting for the trustworthy “Papa Jaani recommended mattress”. Later after assessing the mattress she comes to the conclusion that it was in fact the right choice.


The papa jaani trolling was everywhere


And people were really feeling the burn on behalf of Molty Foam


Feeling the effects of trolling, Molty Foam issued a notice to PEMRA to order Diamond Foam ads to be taken down

Molty Foam got a notice against Diamond for using their trademark “Papa Jaani”.

Via: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next / Facebook

Pakistan’s law does not allow defamation or taking jabs at another brand and so Master filed this notice against Diamond.


The court also decided in favor of Molty Foam, saying that Diamond is infringing on Motly Foam’s intellectual property

Via: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next / Facebook

Master Molty Foam have won the defamation case against Diamond Industries Ltd. (Diamond Foam). PEMRA has been instructed to take all advertising from that campaign off-air and the court has barred Diamond from running the campaign.

It would’ve been fun to see Master Molty Foam fight this battle with Diamond Foam creatively with another ad of their own but taking the matter to court was also their right so good on them, I guess

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Cover image via: Molty Foam / @aimaMK via Twitter

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