The Whole World Loves This Pakistani Mattress Company's Innovative Way To Help Homeless People

By Alveena Jadoon | 27 Feb, 2018

Brand around the world are now looking to provide solutions to their customers while making a name for themselves. ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Activism’ have become new buzzwords that allow the brands to exercise values like “empathy” while ensuring that a generation of young consumers who care about their impact on the world start engaging with and loving their products.

An innovative new way of advertizing their product has led to Master Moltyfoam, a mattress company, to win the hearts of millions in Pakistan

Billbeds – an amalgam of “Billboards” and “Beds”, presumably – are beings installed all across Pakistan to help the homeless enjoy a good night’s sleep.



The campaign started back in 2015. The aim was to install billbeds all across Pakistan

MoltyFoam Billbed

#ShareHope Master MoltyFoam has installed billbeds all across Pakistan, helping thousands of people get a good nights sleep. #MoltyFoam #AsliFoam #MoltyFoamBillBeds #BillBeds #HelpingTheOnesInNeed #MoltyFoamHelpsPakistan #MoltyFoamSteppedUp #MoltyFoamInstallsBillBeds #cannesfilmfestival #contribute

Posted by Master MoltyFoam on Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018


It was a great CSR innovative by Master Moltyfoam and it got them recognition, as well as the advertizing agency that was behind this innovative campaign


29.5% of the Pakistani population lives below the defined poverty line in Pakistan and productive thinking like this brands helps elevate society’s collective thinking to finding solutions to social issues

South Asia has one of the largest homeless populations in the world. The current Pakistani housing schemes that the Government uses to help provide affordable living fall short of an estimated 9 million houses.

What the government can do is to introduce affordable housing schemes for the low-income class.

Private sector housing initiatives like the Awami villas introduced by Bahria Town were initially sold at affordable prices by the developer but within a year or two, the prices have soared up. This means that they are no longer affordable. The greatest challenge is to sustain such schemes.



In such conditions, Pakistanis are over the moon due to this initiative by Moltyfoam

And the best part is that it is not just limited to the outside. Now they are expanding to installing these beds inside hospitals too. Many of our public hospitals lack sufficient beds to accommodate the patients. This is also one of the reasons why we see the Pakistan Young Doctors Association (PYDA)

Via: Youtube


This initiative was widely applauded

Via: Instagram


Via: Instagram


Via: Instagram


Even internationally



Great initiative, Moltyfoam! Let’s just hope no one steals these and the authorities can take a lesson from this initiative too. The lack of housing units is a grave concern, especially if consider the fact that the population is growing at a rate of 2.1 percent every year.


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Cover image via: Master MoltyFoam / YouTube

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