This Pepsi Ad With Kendall Jenner Was Taken Down After It Caused An International Outrage

By Lamees Wajahat | 6 Apr, 2017

So, turns out Kendall Jenner’s can of Pepsi was flat and the world didn’t really like it that way. Yeah, Pepsi just faced some major international backlash over one of their commercials, trying to be too “activist-y”. Here’s the lowdown on what actually happened:


Pepsi launched an ad yesterday, featuring supermodel Kendall Jenner.

While she is a social media star, her ad failed to shine.

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The ad is centered around a protest, and Jenner is posing at a photoshoot

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Yas girl, people want rights and you want a nYc.. ClicK..!!

Very KarJenner appropriate.


But wait!!!!

She wants in on this protest, too.

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So with a swipe of lipstick and a goodbye to the wig, she’s ready to fight the system.


…with a can of Pepsi

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Did Kendall Jenner just try to fix the world with a can of Pepsi?

A Pepsi spokesperson stated that the ad was made for millenials, that it serves as a “short film about the moments when we decide to let go, choose to act, follow our passion and nothing holds us back.”

I don’t think Kendall really understands how serious police brutality is… but kudos to her for giving a cop something to drink.


The fizz in the ad died almost as soon as it aired, and people were not impressed

Did Malcolm X commit his life to fight racism for this?

Why did he even bother, she just solved it in one simple step

Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter feels the same way

Kudos to referencing Black Lives Matter… with a white lead

It worked so well in the states, let’s try it for peace in the Middle East

Oh Pepsi…

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They pulled the ad because it “missed the mark” (LOL)

I like Coca Cola better anyway.

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Here’s the ad we (and the whole world) is talking about:

Cover image via: PepsiCo

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