Here Are 13 Teams Who Would Have Performed Better Than Lahore Qalandars, Last Night

By Sarah Babar | 27 Feb, 2018

We all saw what happened, last night with the Lahore Qalandars. But we still don’t know what it was. All we know is that the Lahore Qalandars made Fawad Rana really really sad, and that is something we will never forgive them for. And while there are still many matches to go, for them to prove their worth, they aren’t really showing any signs of redemption, right now. After their not so stellar performance, last night, with their biggest rivals, the Karachi Kings, we bring you just some people/animals/things that might have done a better job than these boys in green on the pitch


1. Just these people lying around and not really doing anything on the pitch


There’s more going on here tbh…



2. These ducks casually strolling on the pitch


Or maybe they’ll all get out on duck, that’d be a shame tho



3. These alley cats swinging them bats

Source: Louis Wain

Could be, maybe…



4. Just some adorable monkeys playing cricket





5. The stellar cricket team from “Hum Saath Saath Hain”

Source: Rajshri Productions

Including Tuffy. While they used a carpet as a pitch, and danced more than they played and had a dog as their umpire, they didn’t play as badly.



6. The winning team in “Lagaan”

Source: Aamir Khan Productions

Even with a differently abled player on their team, they beat the goras.



7. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s cricketing squad in “Pyaare Afzal”

Source: ARY Digital

Even thought I’m sure most of the players made that face during last night’s match



8. Rohan Raichand’s team  from “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”

Source: Dharma Productions

I’m almost absolutely certain ke Lahore Qalandars mein se kisi ne aankhein bandh ker ke apne maa aur baba ka naam mahi liya ho ga.



9. The crew from “Kapoor And Sons”  and it’s Behind The Scenes footage

Source: Dharma Productions

Can you see the sheer level of skill here?



10. The “Dangal” girls because they can do anyyything

Source: Aamir Khan Productions

Cuz they’re as dhaakar as they get


11.  Jus Reign and AIB also might have could have even though they don’t know much themselves…

Source: All India Bakchod / Jus Reign

They did make an entire tutorial tho….



12. Salman and his team from “Pyar Kiya To Darna Kiya”

Source: Gumeet and Sohail Productions

Yep. Full of stereotypes but not so bad on the pitch


13. And of course, Salman again with his all-star team from “Chori Chori Chupke Chupke”

Source: Nazim Hassan Rizvi Productions

7 seniors, 2 joksters, 2 audience members. But 100% fun


Khair, jo ho gaya so ho gaya. Here’s hoping that the matches in the future prove to be better for our men in green



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Cover image via @LahoreQalandars / Facebook

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