21 Of The Best Tweets About The Real PSL Sweetheart: Fawad Rana

By Sarah Babar | 25 Feb, 2018

If there is one thing that we have been consistently seeing in season after season of the Pakistan Super League, it’s that Fawad Rana has got to be the cutest man on the field, every single year. He’s always happy, he’s always got a smile on his face, and honestly, he gets us through the day. Whether Lahore Qalandars performs amazingly well, whether they give the lowest score ever in the PSL or the highest, Fawad Rana will always be there, cheering them on, getting his dance moves down, and powering through the matches. And, while Lahore Qalandars have not been performing well this season, all we have to say to Fawad Uncle is something we read on the internet, today ‘aaj haar gaye tau kal jeet bhi tau saktey hain na’. Here’s our little ode to the man who has never failed to win our hearts, the best tweets about him. Read on.


1. When Fawad Rana was heartbroken over Lahore Qalandars’ performance, our hearts were screaming this

We’re so sorry!



2۔ He is also the living version of “Baghbaan”



3. We all love, respect and cherish him dearly



4. Someone please listen to this guy, Fawad Rana deserves all the hugs in the world!



5. Attitude ka tau pata nahi, passion bohat hai



6. A little self-promotion and a lot of love for this man!



7. But he also wins our hearts every single year






9. Don’t we all?



10. He always puts a smile on our faces, too



11. Unless you’re a zombie, you’ll love this man to bits



12. Make that 10, and excuse the language, thank you



13. Yehi tau masla hai



14. We would have gotten a PhD with all the passion and devotion



15. WORD



16. He’s always so happy mA mA mA






18. Also pulao ~



19. Hainaaa? We had no idea!



20. We’re hoping it goes back up soon so Fawad Uncle can get back to being happy!






We leave you with this for some solid self reflection



All we have to say to Fawad Rana sahab is that girtey hain shehsawar hi maidan-e-jang mein! Always keep smiling and making our days better. And thank you for existing.

Source: sports24.com

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