13 Hilarious Tweets About Working In An Office That Will Help You Get Through Your Day

By Kashaf | 7 Nov, 2017

Make your office time great again


Getting through the work day can be hard sometimes, especially on Mondays. After hitting the snooze button a million times you start to count down the hours until you’ll be back in bed.

Here are some hilarious tweets about work life that can help you get through the day:


1. Human contact so early in the morning can be hard


2. We would all love to be sippin’ drinks at a beach but unfortunately we have to pay the bills.


3. Sometimes you hope that maybe, just maybe work will be cancelled.


4. Or you try being mentally present during important meetings


5. Getting along with coworkers can be hard


6. Interviews can be stressful when you have no idea what you want in life

Via: Facebook


7. Everyone “says” that they hate drama…but really they live for it.


8. WWBD?


9. Some days are harder than others (Mondays)


10. You’re constantly trying to stay in the loop with the latest office gossip


11. When you’re so hungry you lose your morals


12. It can suck when your boss calls you out for not doing your job (oops)


13. Sometimes you just don’t want to pretend to like your coworkers


What are you doing instead of working right now?


cover image via: Filmwala Pictures

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