Feroze Khan's Incredible Performance In New Drama “Khaani” Has Already Won Everyone Over

By Iman Zia | 7 Nov, 2017

The first episode of highly anticipated drama ‘Khaani’ unveiled itself last night, starring Sana Javed and Feroze Khan on Har Pal Geo. The story revolves around Khaani and Mir Hadi, the two protagonists from starkly different backgrounds; Khaani hails from a humble background while Mir Hadi is the son of an affluent politician who is both despicable and ruthless.  While the episode was off to a rocky start, it ended spectacularly with Feroze Khan’s merciless role being the saving grace of what could be potentially a great drama.


The episode unravels Sana as the innocent Khaani, who is the laadli of an incredibly closely knit family

They’re the spitting embodiment of what we all envision as a perfect little household; kind, warm and very close. Happiness brims their home, and it almost seems too perfect to be true – but it is; there isn’t any malign underlying tone.

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One day, Khaani and her sister witness a hit and run as a black jeep (Mir Hadi’s) knocks over a rickshaw before dashing away

Khaani gives what little she has to the rickshaw wala, before going home to express sadness over the state of affairs in society, where the rich reign and the poor suffer their consequences.

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Feroze as Mir Hadi isn’t introduced as yet, but we’re given a glimpse into his lavish life through his parents who discuss Hadi’s reckless behavior

A stiff change from the previous household, the Hadi residence is quite different – it’s lonely and not entirely real. Looming elections, political stature and keeping up appearances are the premise of table conversations.

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While the episode takes its time picking up, the last few minutes tremendously make up for it, when Khaani’s brother Saarim calls his parents to give them some good news – he’s got a scholarship

It’s at this point we as the audience begin to sense a lingering eeriness about; it’s all going back and forth between moments from the girls celebrating at home, to the father rejoicing at his office over such terrific news to Saarim on his way to his car.

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It’s only when his car is blocked by a familiar black jeep that the seemingly upbeat episode thus far rummages into a downfall

We at long last see Mir Hadi in all his ‘bad boy’ splendor as Saarim approaches him to ask he move his jeep. Mir Hadi turns around in a cinematic revelation for the first time in the episode. It’s all rather sudden and unexpected from there on, as what starts off as a few shoves thrown in between Mir Hadi and Saarim catapults into Mir Hadi shooting Saarim.

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Kudos to the direction for the best scene of the episode as we see Saarim’s father take a stumble the moment his son is shot in the foot

This was honestly fantastic, and a display of the potential the drama holds and can unfurl. While Saarim is shot a few more times ruthlessly by an unwavering Mir Hadi, it’s aching to watch his father who is so visibly ecstatic in the complete unknown.

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Feroze Khan take a bow sir – the actor is fantastic, and once again proves how versatile he is as Mir Hadi

The stone-cold look that befalls Mir Hadi’s face is ridiculously brilliant, and Feroze is already the brooding antagonist we want to know more about. How can he so heedlessly shoot someone he barely knows over something so awfully insignificant? While we think the drama might end up being Mir Hadi seeking redemption with Khaani, there must be more to it, and more to what events molded Mir Hadi into such a terrible person. Feroze Khan, take a bow – you’ve played an antagonist before, but Mir Hadi is really something quite else.

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Fans have responded tremendously over the first episode


With some lauding the close bond between the siblings, in particular, Khaani and Saarim


The last scene was truly emphatic for many


With many praising Feroze Khan’s acting


And the intensity he displayed as the heartless killer





It was a tear-fest towards the end for a few fans, who couldn’t fathom such a twist of events



What are your thoughts on the first episode?

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