Nida Yasir Just Apologized For Inviting Marwah's Parents After Backlash, But People Are Calling BS

By Aam Nawab | 17 Sep, 2020

Nida Yasir apologized for inviting Marwah’s parents 

With morning shows on Pakistani television serving nothing useful, many had chosen to ignore them. Sadly they find a way to crawl back into news for all the wrong reasons. Something similar just happened with Nida Yasir recently. Nida is arguably the most famous, as well as the most notorious of morning show hosts in Pakistan, with her popular ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ show on ARY Digital.


Nida Yasir received intense backlash recently for inviting Marwah’s parents to cash in on their grief

Marwah is a five year old girl who was found brutalized and burned in Karachi just a couple weeks ago. Nida had invited her parents on a show where she asked to describe Marwah’s last moments in detail.


Naturally, many people found this intrusive, sick form of “entertainment” very shocking and a loud outcry for a ban on Nida Yasir and her show began

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Well, after the intense backlash, Nida Yasir has now apologized for inviting Marwah’s parents on her show

She expressed her regret at asking questions that did not sit well with audience and caused the backlash. She said she was sorry for having hurt people’s sentiments with her line of questioning.

However, she also offered a clarification. Nida said that unlike popular perception, she hadn’t invited Marwah’s parents to her show but found out about them through Sarim Burney, who runs a charitable organization that helps people in such vulnerable situations. She said that even though she had shows planned for the whole week, she changed her programming immediately to try to help Marwah’s family.

She also said that it was because of her show that Marwah’s family experienced catharsis and even got financial help due to their poor economic situation. Nida further claimed that it was because of her show that the rapist was caught two days after the show aired.


Quite a few people were impressed that Nida Yasir apologized for inviting Marwah’s parents because it had hurt a lot of fans of her show

Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram
Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram


However, others are not really buying the fact that Nida Yasir apologized genuinely for inviting Marwah’s parents

Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram


Many are saying that the number of times Nida Yasir has apologized for doing what she did with Marwah’s parents makes the apology pretty useless

Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram
Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram
Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram


They questioned that it was all for the ratings

Nida addressed this concern in her video saying that such programs aren’t for chasing ratings and they don’t bring her ratings because they’re depressive but she does them because they help those in trouble. However, people are calling out this apology itself a stunt to chase ratings.

Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram


They’re asking for PEMRA to still take action because this cycle of offending people and offering an apology has become rather boring

Source: @itsnidayasir.official / Instagram


What do you think about Nida Yasir’s apology? Do you buy it? Sound off in the comments below.


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