Neelam Muneer Just Defended Doing Her “First And Last” Item Song But People Aren't Buying it

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Oct, 2019

The Neelam Muneer item song for Kaaf Kangana just dropped

Neelam Muneer has steadily made a name for herself with a slate of very successful dramas. She recently ventured into making movies with ‘Chupan Chupai’ and ‘Wrong No. 2’, both of whom failed to make much of a mark on the audience. It appears that the actress has decided to try her hand at contributing in Pakistani movies in other ways.


A Neelam Muneer item song just dropped for movie Kaaf Kangana over the weekend

When the trailer of the movie released, it was universally panned for being tone deaf, terribly produced and with even worse overacting, dialogues and direction. Seeing all the negative publicity around the movie it appears that Neelam was already wary of how her participation would be received by her fans.


Neelam discussed doing the item song by defending herself because the movie is apparently funded by the ISPR. The ISPR is the media and PR wing of the Pakistani armed forces therefore it has historically thrown its support behind many dramas, movies, songs and other such media projects. Alpha Bravo Charlie and the currently airing Ehd-e-Wafa are just two of the biggest examples of ISPR funded projects.


In her defence, Neelam Muneer said this item song was her “first and last” item song

Anyway, Neelam tried to defend herself by saying she did this item song only because it was a project funded by the ISPR therefore apparently it was some kind of patriotic duty for Neelam to do this song.

Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram


Obviously, her fans aren’t buying any of he reasoning

Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram


There are lots of people critiquing her for choosing to do a badly produced song just because it was an ISPR project

Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram
Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram
Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram


Others are just finding this yet another reason to troll the movie

Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram
Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram


This one fan asked a very valid question

Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram


And this guy advised Neelam to just own it now that she has been a part of this project, without fear of the public backlash

Source: @neelammuneerkhan / Instagram


Here’s the now-infamous Neelam Muneer item song if you are brave enough to bear through the whole thing


What are your thoughts about this song? Are you looking for a wall to bang your head on, too? Sound off in the comments below.


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Cover image via: ARY Films / YouTube

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