This is How Pakistanis Are Responding To Nawaz Sharif's Impending Surgery

By Warda Baig | 30 May, 2016

There are two kinds of people in our country. Ones who’re overly-enthusiastic about Pakistani politics, and the other who’re overly enthusiastic about Pakistani politics.

Given the above “scientifically proven” fact, you must by now know that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is scheduled for an open-heart surgery on Tuesday 31st May 2016, in London.


This is the same person who’s mocked, bashed, verbally abused on various online forums and mercilessly attacked every single day of his tenure.

Is he the only one, though? Is this not what Pakistanis are most obsessed with? Unapologetically grilling the national government, be it a democratic or a uniformed one.


But there’s one more thing Pakistanis are best known for. And that is, coming together in chaos.

Pakistan Flood Relief Camp
Source: Strive Pakistan

We see it whenever mother nature strikes. We see it every time an external power tries to divide us. We see it on the streets of London and NYC when racist remarks are hurled at us. This nation knows when to come together and become one. Undivided and united in its opinion. Which is the most beautiful of all forms of patriotism.

Today again, we stand as one, as we pray for the speedy recovery of our Prime Minister. Today he’s not Nawaz Sharif. Today he’s not Mian Saab. Today he’s not Ganja Sher. Today, he’s nothing but the esteemed Premier of our country.

This is what our countrymen have been talking about while our PM awaits his open-heart surgery this Tuesday.

This little kid is ALL OF US right now.


Spot on.


Are we there yet though?


Wellll…he has a point.


In case you thought you’re bad at phone calls…


A little laugh never killed nobody


Because obv PTI cannot be NOT dragged into this…


There were wishes from the other side of the border, too


Let’s call a truce.


Get well soon Mr.Prime Minister! Let’s save the debate for another day, folks (Y)

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