Nasir Khan Jan Just “Condomed” Donald Trump's Statement And People Can’t Stop Making Condom Jokes

By Maliha Khan | 22 Jun, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan “condomed” Donald Trump and it’s led to people piling in with hilarious condom jokes. 

I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce Nasir Khan Jan. After being AWOL for a little bit, he has come back, stronger and sassier than ever and unapologetically himself. From comparing himself to Boxer Amir Khan to now using the wrong word to express his political views against President Donald Trump, the guy’s just pure entertainment.


Yesterday Nasir Khan Jan went on Twitter to express his thoughts about Donald Trump’s stance on Iran. This is the original tweet Nasir Khan Jan replied to and it was in reference to the initiative of war Trump is trying to take against Iran.

And this is Nasir Khan Jan’s exact response.

Yes…yeah…yup. You read that completely right. Donald Trump’s name is spelled wrong, but even better than that, Nasir Khan Jan made sure people know he’s “condoming” the attack. Instead of using the word “condemn” to express disapproval of Trump’s tweet, he used the word “condom,” which seems a bit on purpose, but hey, I’m not complaining.

I mean Nasir Khan Jan is basically a Queen and can get away with anything, but Pakistanis didn’t refrain from turning his misuse of an improper word to an endless stream of condom jokes.

Log touchy hogaye

Brands were brought in

Don’t worry, the list continues

No need to bring family into this now, and don’t talk to an icon like that, come on. 

Some inspected whether it was a real error or whether it was done on purpose

Others either didn’t get the joke or are choosing to hide their smirks…

Nice play on words, I’m living for it

What did you think of Nasir Khan Jan’s tweet? Is he not the best kind of gift that keeps on giving? Let me know.


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