Nasir Khan Jan Wants To Know If His Body Is Better Than Boxer Amir Khan's And People Are On His Side

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 22 Jun, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan and boxer Amir Khan have been pit against each other and I didn’t think this day would ever come, tbh.

Nasir Khan Jan is on a Twitter spree ever since he made a new ‘official’ account. His sass is all over the place and he’s taking shit from absolutely no one. In fact, he’s schooling people quite often in a very pyaar se beizati karne wala way.

His unexpected friendship with Veena Malik is also a fruit of him being extra savage and proactive on Twitter.

Nasir replied to a follower who said Veena would soon block him on Twitter saying that he actually really likes her and thinks she is a beauty.

Aww. Phir kya tha? Bas, hogayi dosti. Thora credit humein bhi jata hai waise.

This is not it, though. He also shared a TikTok vid with Meera Jee and khudi dekhlo LOL.

Looks like after Pakistan’s loss to India, Nasir has been weight-watching, given the conversation around fitness has become super relevant.

In a video message that he shared on his Twitter account, a visibly angry and emotional Nasir said, “One more thing I’d like to add: please don’t eat burgers and pizzas.”

Nasir spoke of how the Pakistani cricket team should focus more on their eating habits as well as exercise.

“Guys, you need proper fitness. Please don’t eat fast food and don’t do sheesha. Sleep properly and stay active. Stay active in the ground. You still have the chance. Our prayers are with you. I hope you guys understand my English. Stay blessed,” he said.

He even shared how a cucumber a day solves your stomach problems early in the morning every day.

We thought all this fitness talk was an aftermath of the match but nahi bhaye, Nasir bhai ka tou level hee kuch aur hai. He wants to up his game in the world of boxing. Jee haan. PLEASE SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT. He is now trying to square up to boxer Amir Khan in his own way.

Answer his question. My money’s on NKJ

After Tony Stark’s fate in Avengers: End Game, here is your new Iron Man, everyone.

But, ye kya? This macho man is also looking for a fitness trainer. Salary bhi milegi, bhaiyon.

Saboor Aly has already started dreaming about him… as per him, of course.

Nasir is making people’s day with his post. SEE. THE CHAP IS HARMLESS.

People have chosen their favorite!  Nasir is a clear winner, folks.

People are building up his spirit too.

I’m sure this has a deeper meaning to it.

I’m Team Nasir Khanjan any day, guys. Sorry Amir Khan, not today. A champ has risen. What do you think of Nasir’s macho avatar? Let us know in the comments below.


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