Muslims In Ghotki Are Guarding Hindu Temples After The Mob Incident To Show Their Respect

By Sana Yasmeen | 18 Sep, 2019

Ghotki Hindu temples are being protected by Muslims of the area

Recently an awful incident by the hands of a mob of rioters took place against the Hindu community of Sindh, Ghotki. This incident took place based on vague accusations of blasphemy against a school principal. The incident left the Hindus of Ghotki reeling in shock and suffering after their properties, homes, lives and temples were ransacked. However, Muslims of the community are now showing their support for their Hindu neighbors with an act of kindness that’s overwhelming.


Reportedly, Muslims are guarding Ghotki Hindu temples after the mob incident in order to show their respect for the Hindu community

After the terrible incident, Muslims of Ghotki showed support and encouragement to their Hindu fellows by gathering at the Hindu temples to make sure that the Hindu community there had their protection. Furthermore, they also spent the “whole night” guarding the temple, symbolically.

The Muslim community gathered at Hindu temples, giving a clear message of solidarity with their Hindu brothers. They made it very obvious that the Hindus were not going to suffer at the hands of an evil-minded few.


“Sindhi first” was what the people had in their minds as they moved towards their local temples to show that this country is for everyone

People are reported to have gathered outside their local temples to show their support. The Muslim community also joined in the pooja as a sign of respect for the Hindu residents. They are reported to have said that this was a time of realization and that beyond their religious differences, they are one.


People were overwhelmed at this development for Ghtoki Hindu temples, even Indians couldn’t stop themselves from appreciating this


They really felt a surge of pride after seeing this


Of course, people believe this development outside Ghotki Hindu temples is going to serve as aa huge defeat for extremist warmongers

This surely had melted our hearts and made us feel so proud of these Pakistanis showing that what matters is being kind above all, regardless of race, religion and background.


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