Nimrita Kumari Of Ghotki Passed Away Under Suspicious Circumstances And Pakistanis Are Demanding Answers

By Janita Tahir | 17 Sep, 2019

The death of Nimrita Kumari has shaken people

Recently, a medical student named Namrita Kumari from Asifa Bibi Dental College in Larkana was found dead in her hostel room. Some reports say that she was found hanging from a ceiling fan, while others report that when they reached her she was on her charpoy with a rope around her neck.


The suspicious circumstances around the alleged suicide of Nimrita Kumari have led to people speculate if it could be a murder because she was a Hindu

Even though this is an apparent suicide, the police have yet to rule out the possibility of a murder case.


Pakistanis are horrified because of the suspicious death of Nimrita Kumari and demanded justice

Since this incident came on the back of the recent Ghotki vandalism of Hindu temples, people are even more outraged and vocalizing their demand for justice for the killing of minorities.


The brother of the deceased thinks it’s a murder

Nimrita’s brother who is a doctor himself believes that his sisters death was not a suicide, rather a cold blooded murder. The family called for a murder investigation.


The students of the college where Nimrita Kumari studied and her friends also spoke out

Many people who knew Nimrita or her family, along with fellow students of Asifa Bibi Dental College expressed their grief and raised their voices for a thorough investigation.


Some people think it could also be a case of harassment 

Nimrita was found with bruises on her body and what seem to be defense marks on her forearms. Some people seem to think that she had also been a victim of sexual assault.


Pakistanis feel if we don’t speak out now, it will happen again

The country is gripped with a sense of fear and outrage. People think if we don’t raise our voices now, it could happen to other sisters and daughters.


There’s a need for swift action

Previously, the Sindh government was lauded for taking action and arresting the hooligans involved in vandalism of Hindu temples on an alleged case of blasphemy. Now, again it’s time for the Pakistani government to step forward and set an example so cases of brutality such as this do not occur in the future again.


Pakistan needs to protect its minorities, there’s no two ways about it. Moreover the death of Nimrita Kumari also from Ghotki comes at a suspicious time when Hindu community from Ghotki already suffered recently. There does appear to be a link between the two incidents given the suspicious circumstances but it’s best to let the police conduct a thorough investigation, regardless of how incompetent they are.

Nimrita was a beautiful young girl and a final year medical student. Her death deeply pains us all and we fervently pray for justice. May she rest in peace.


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