Veena Malik Just Had Surgery To Remove A Tumor

By Sana Yasmeen | 18 Sep, 2019

Veena Malik has been found amidst all kinds of news and controversies regarding her twitter statements. However, the reason why Veena attracted all the attention this time isn’t any of the reasons above.


Photos of Veena Malik in the hospital began circulating on the internet and people had questions

A couple of days ago, Veena’s picture of lying in a hospital bed began circulating on the internet. This raised an alarm among fans and followers who immediately became concerned and started wondering If Veena was okay?


Soon Veena Malik confirmed she had surgery because she had felt a hard bump in her breast that had turned out to be a tumor

Veena Malik took to her social media pages to inform all her worried fans and followers about the reason why she was admitted in the hospital.

Veena had experienced a hard bump in her breast which ended up being a benign tumor. This lead to her admission and surgery at South City Hospital, Karachi for the treatment of fibroadenoma tumor. She also stated that she felt indebted to all the love and concern that people had showed regarding her illness.


She expressed her gratitude for the doctor who was the supervisor of her surgery

In her continuing thread, Veena explain that the surgery had done successful and that she felt gratitude towards Dr.Kausar who had been supervising the surgery and had been very kind in assisting Veena at every point of this operation.


She also took this moment to raise awareness about breast cancer

After expressing her health condition, Veena took the moment to imply the fact that breast care must be done and is VERY REAL whether it be concerning breast cancer or any other kind of breast disease. She urged women to take care of themselves and that it shouldn’t be considered a taboo.

Lastly, She prayed to Allah for a life full of health and Iman for all of us.

We, here at MangoBaaz, are sending prayers and well wishes for Veena’s speedy recovery and excellent health.


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