13 Of The Biggest Mistakes Every Young Mother Needs To Avoid

By Maliha Khan | 16 Dec, 2018

Mistakes a young mother needs to avoid

From a young age, we are taught it is a woman’s job to take care of her house and have children. Well, in this progressive and modern age, many women are given the choice between being housewives or working wives. With that being said, I sometimes feel as though I may not be a good enough mother since my time will be divided between work and home. To add on to my stress and worries for the future, I have like absolutely no experience with children, so Google baji will be my best friend. Here are the mistakes I hope I do not make once I begin to have children.


1. Allowing (or tolerating) others to meddle in my parenting is one of the biggest mistakes a young other can make

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Desi people, especially aunties, love to give you input, whether or not they know what they are talking about. I’m going to make sure my parenting style remains constant and consistent, regardless of what I am being told to do or say.


2. Not taking things with a grain of salt

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I am the most gullible person I know, so learning not to believe everything I hear is going to be hard. I always believe other people are most intelligent and more knowledgeable, which is not always the case when it comes to my own child. Not every story I hear or advice I hear needs to be taken, every child and parent are different.


3. Living on no sleep is possibly one of the biggest mistakes a young mother can make toward her own health and safety

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Not getting enough sleep or rest will be bad for myself and my sanity as well as the baby. Committing to sleeping or taking a break every possible chance is the best way to go.


4. Being afraid to ask for help

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It may seem like moms are superheroes and can do virtually anything. Well, asking for help should be on the list. The baby is important to more than just myself, so asking my husband to wash the dishes while I feed the baby is not the end of the world.


5. Getting frustrated or emotional is yet another one of the mistakes a young mother is susceptible to make

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Having a baby is a big change and an entirely new responsibility, especially being a first-time mother. I am going to need a lot of patience and most of that with myself. I will need to understand babies cry and get upset, which is something I cannot control. Instead of wanting to cry and getting angry with myself, I can learn to be nicer to myself.


6. Adding to my stress

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Of course, a baby is a huge responsibility, but worrying about every little thing will make anyone sick. I am already an anxiety-prone individual, so getting into hobbies like yoga could do me good once I have a baby.


7. Googling EVERYTHING

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Do not deny that you do not do this, but Google has become the be all and end all for all types of searches. Looking on Google for advice or symptoms can only bring added stress into my life, so I will try my best to stay away.


8. WebMD se door raha jaye toh behtar hai because it’s one of the mistakes any young mother should AVOID

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Going along with getting sucked into the hole that Google is, new parents tend to jump to conclusions and think the worst. A stuffy nose becomes the flu, a toddler that talks too late must be rushed to the hospital, and so many more assumptions like these keep piling on.


9. Forgetting that not all children are alike

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We, specifically I, need to keep in mind each child is unique. Stop comparing them to each other, because there are many different french fries in the fryer (yes, potatoes are my favorite vegetable).


10. Neglecting yourself and not making your husband take the baby’s responsibility

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Becoming a mother does not mean limited showers and no hygiene routine becomes normal. I will need to take care of myself just like I did before – glam makeup and all.


11. Becoming a turtle

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Moms are allowed to go out and enjoy themselves as well, so you best believe I will be rocking a baby carrier at the beach and a stroller at the mall.


12. Thinking that the baby is allergic to the world is another one of those mistakes a young mother should totally learn not to make

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The baby is allowed to go out as well, there is no law stating, “bachay sirf ghar mai reh sacktay hai. It would probably do the baby well to get out and explore the world, well probably not by themselves.


13. Forgetting to give yourself and your hubby time

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It is important to remember the baby in your hands would not have been possible without your husband, so give him some time as well. Set aside specific times during the week to catch up and talk, preferably without the baby.

I cannot wait to start a family and from watching my niece grow up in front of my eyes, I am learning what mistakes not to make. Are there any in your mind? Let me know!

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