Imran Khan Shows Up When Searching For ‘Bhikari' & A Punjab Assembly Resolution Has Allegedly Been Filed To Ask Google CEO About It

By Sarmad Amer | 16 Dec, 2018

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was recently involved in a bit of controversy when his detractors labelled him as a ‘bhikari‘ aka ‘beggar’. This happened when Mr. Prime Minister went around on international trips to Saudi Arabia, UAE, China and Malaysia for monetary support from these countries. Apparently the label has stuck.


If you search for the word ‘bhikari‘ in Urdu script in Google Images, a photo of Imran Khan appears among the top results

In fact, it is the second image that popped up when we searched for the word to confirm the rumors. To be fair, the fourth image is of various PML N leaders, the main opposition party to Imran Khan’s PTI, standing alongside a grave labeled as ‘Nawaz Sharif’ under the same search.



People have conducted the search themselves and confirmed that it is indeed the case


However some of them had their explanation for why it probably happened


Now apparently a resolution has been submitted in the Punjab Assembly to summon the CEO of Google to explain why this happened

A photo of what appears to be the resolution has been circulated on social media. It appears to have been signed by Syed Hassan Murtaza, the PPP’s parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly.

Source: @nailainayat / Twitter


The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, was also recently summoned to Washington DC by US lawmakers

He was asked questions ranging from privacy, misinformation, manipulation of search results and, rather interestingly, why when searching for the word ‘idiot’ on Google Images Donald Trump’s photos showed up.



Indians seem to have particularly found this alleged development very interesting


This eagle eyed observer, however, was quick to notice the typo in the alleged resolution


Now, it would be interesting to wait and see if Google’s CEO faces similar questions from Punjab Assembly leaders. Not that there’s much expectation that this resolution will probably go anywhere beyond just a couple of social media jabs, though.


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