People Are Trolling The Proposed Sin Tax On Cigarettes Because No One Wants To Pay Tax On Their Gunnah

By Noor | 5 Dec, 2018

After the 100-day address by the PM, Pakistanis were ‘almost’ prepared for some drastic changes in all sectors. We were ready for some new pragmatic and concrete measures because many projects are underway BUT we discovered that social media platforms were being flooded with the gunnah tax levied by the government. Since last night almost every social media post carried the paw print of gunnah tax. So, let’s find out what it actually is.


Basically, While addressing the Annual Public Health Conference, Minister for National Health services announced a tax to be imposed on all tobacco products.

Aamer Mehmood, Minister for NHS explained the plan in depth. He said that a tax bill is in consideration which will soon be submitted to the National assembly for approval. The ‘sin tax’ will be imposed on cigarettes and sugary products.



He further said that the generated money from the tax will be used to accelerate the process of human development in the country.

Source: Geo News Reports/ YouTube


People couldn’t really hold back and started making jokes regarding the new tax


They didn’t really seem to be happy with the new bill being proposed to the national assembly


People wanted their dil ki dhadkan back


The unique trio of cigarette, gunnah  and tax was discussed by many


All economic plans proposed by the government were targeted


AND, even Mahira Khan was dragged in


They criticized the dharnas too

Source: ARY News Via Facebook

The ami jee joke didn’t seem to get old

Source: ARY News Via Facebook
Source: ARY News Via Facebook

People said that tax on tharak will definitely generate more revenue

Source: ARY News Via Facebook

They were eager to know if imposition of a tax on makeup was possible

Source: ARY News Via Facebook


People said that they are waiting kay kab zinda rehnay par tax lagay ga

They couldn’t just really accept the new tax


Okay so for all those people who are constantly using the word gunnah tax, Guys the term proposed by the government for the new tax is ‘sin tax’.


The media via literal translation converted it into the gunnah tax. The government is NOT trying to imply that smoking falls in the category of gunnah rather by imposing this tax they aim to discourage the public from consuming tobacco-related products. And yes, sin tax is a very commonly imposed tax in most of the countries with the aim to increase the amount of revenue generated.

So, this was all about the sin tax.

What do you think about the new tax? Is it the right step taken by the naya Pakistan towards a more prosperous version of it? Let us know in the comments below.




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