The Latest Episode Of “Balaa” Proves That Nigaar Is The Worst Villain Ever

By Arslan Athar | 5 Dec, 2018

Balaa’ has recently taken quite a lot of twists and turns, and along the way the character of Nigaar (played brilliantly by Ushna Shah)

Last week, Batool was killed by her own husband who was drunk out of his mind.

When Nigaar finds out, she hatches a plan that makes it look like it was all Batool’s fault and that her brother is the victim. Nigaar helps to build a story using Dr. Hamza was the main villain, and paints him as Batool’s lover whom she’s eager to run away with. Her husband takes out a gun to shoot him but Batool gives her life instead.

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Batool’s family is a little hesitant to believe this story and begin to do their own digging. 

Nigaar is wary of this and starts making moves to make it seem like Dr. Hamza has fled the country. Her mission is a success and Taimur and his mother begin to question Batool and her intentions.

While all of this is happening, Nigaar is able to gain a lot of control over the house and its resources. 

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She keeps the kitchen and the souda under lock and key and makes her mother in law and nand come to her for access. When Taimur finds out, he loses his mind. After the death of his sister, there has been a shift in Taimur, he sees Nigaar with a different lens, he sees her as a disturbance in their household, and he’s trying to understand what strings she’s pulling.

When Nigaar is confronted about this, there’s a huge verbal argument that ensues and the couple is constantly shouting at each other. 

Nigaar chooses to take revenge and she uses her nand, Saleha, as a means. Saleha remains quite ill and needs to be seen by a doctor, a responsibility given to Nigaar.

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The doctor’s findings are quite grim, and tells Nigaar is private that Saleha might have ovarian cancer. Nigaar is told to get further tests done and is instructed to tell only her husband and mother in law. When she’s finally alone, Nigaar glimpses at the doctor’s prescription and then throws it in the bin. Her stance is clear, she will have only her way, otherwise, she will make sure everybody has NOTHING.

Source: ARY Digital

Nigaar’s character has been brilliantly written and executed. She is a woman who makes sure that everything happens according to what she likes. Anyone who comes in her way will be struck done and well, destroyed. She has zero regard for anyone else but herself. At a glance, Nigaar is perfectly sweet and loving, but the closer you get the more you realize, it’s literally all about her! She truly is a balaa. 

Have you seen ‘Balaa’? What are your thoughts on Nigaar?

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