Imran Khan Responded To All The Trolling About His “Murghi Anda” Plan And He's STILL Getting Trolled

By Noor | 2 Dec, 2018

So by now, we all know that the current government has been discussing its progress and has briefed the awaam about its ‘achievements’ in the first 100 days. Imran Khan highlighted the various accomplishments and talked about a few projects that are underway.

Source: Dawn News/Youtube


Basically, Imran Khan discussed a plan which aimed to employ rural women in livestock farming by providing them with eggs and chickens.

He further said that the plan has been experimented and is capable to generate income for people who come from an underprivileged background.

Now, the address has been met with a lot of criticism, especially around the whole chicken and eggs thing. Which, I mean, okay, I don’t know how workable it is, but still sounds funny, ya know? Anyway, Pakistanis have a lot to say about this.


People weren’t really happy with the proposed idea

They weren’t really sure that if this was a ‘real’ solution

BUT a lot of them weren’t able to hold themselves back from making jokes regarding this ‘murghi scheme’

“Chicken and egg” became the talk of the town

They didn’t really seem to buy this idea

People even dragged in Reham Khan and Talat Hussain 

 ‘Chickens’ were all over the internet

AND, this was so ON POINT!

Najam Sethi was also trolled

Finally, Khan responded to the brutal trolling. He shared the example of Bill Gates working on the same idea and asserted that colonized minds were designed in a way to resist innovations proposed by a desi man.

Still, people were NOT convinced. And the attacks turned personal.

In fact, people kept on trolling Imran Khan for his various walaiti influences and being influenced by colonizers himself

And, of course, they started accusing the PM of ‘copying’ the idea



Whatever it is that Khan wants to do with chickens and eggs, we just hope jo bhi ho, ache ke liye ho. What do you think. Will the idea work?


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