11 Thoughts That Go Through Every Pakistani Guy's Mind When He Starts Liking A Girl

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 15 Dec, 2018

A Pakistani guy’s mind is very confusing

When it comes to romance, stereotypes dictate that girls overthink everything. Bot honestly, guys do it too. From feeling the pressure to initiate the first move to daydreaming about a relationship – men get bogged down too. Like Afridi needing those two sixes in the last over to win the game, a guy feels the same pressure of not wasting the opportunity in front of him.

So, here are 11 thoughts that go through a Pakistani guy’s mind when he likes you:


1. “Yaar…reject toh nahi kardegi?”

This thought makes all men anxious – the feeling of not being good enough. It’s literally the first thing that comes to mind. And honestly, it can really screw with a guy’s head.

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2. “Am I even good enough for her?”

Yes, its true – guys can feel insecure.

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3. Is this just my tharak talking?

Guys eventually wonder, “Why am I thinking about her so much? Am I falling in love? Or is this just ‘tharak’ again?”

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4. I wonder what it’d be like if we were in a serious relationship…

This is human nature. It is also when a guy realizes that he’s screwed.

Source: IRK Films


5. <Insert random haram af thought here>

Look. It happens. Dudes fantasize. We’re sorry.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures India


6. I need to get my act together.

This thought comes to mind for two reasons: either he wants to give her the best possible life he can or it may be a definite requirement for her or her parent’s approval.

Source: MangoBaaz


7. How can I impress her?

Guys like being the center of attention when it comes to their crush. So they keep thinking of ways to get her to notice them.

Source: MangoBaaz


8. Great, now I’m having trouble sleeping.

This is the most annoying thing about liking someone. Dil toh le liya ha, neend kyu leh gayi?

Source: Danish Ali / YouTube


9. The first date HAS to be perfect

Sometimes guys ask about your favorite restaurant and favorite food because they want to take you out. If a guy really likes you, you best believe he’ll put in a ton of effort.

Source: MangoBaaz


10. What exactly is it that interests her the most?

Yes, guys do this too. How can we not? Girls confuse the shit out of boys. This Sherlock session with our best friend is enough to drive us crazy.

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11. Is the potential heartbreak that will follow going to be worth it?

Why make so much effort and end up with nothing all over again, ya know? Because honestly, that shit hurts us dudes as well. Khair, once the heart wants what it wants, there’s little we can do anyway.

Source: Diva Magazine Pakistan

These are some of the things I could think of. If any of you dudes out there can relate, let me know. And if you have more to add, comments main batao.



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