Boys, Brown Black Sab Choro, Here's How You Can Add COLOR To Your Wardrobe

By Arslan Athar | 1 Nov, 2018

Color is everywhere, it surrounds us everywhere and it’s also in our wardrobes; well actually, for a lot of guys (and some gals too), color is just NOT something they give importance to. Color is an amazing thing to add within your wardrobe, it adds versatility, diversity, and flexibility.

It should be noted that I am not bashing black, brown or white. I, for one, love all black outfits, but it’s always nice to add some variety in. 

Let’s start off small. 

If you’re scared of rung, the best way to start out is with socks


Accessories are the best way color into your outfits 

Asides from socks, pocket squares are a great way to bring rang in. 


Now that we’re in ‘formal’ territory, might as well talk about how those can be spruced up 

Ties, along with pocket ties are a great way to add a pop of color


A lot of people make the mistake of matching a tie with their pocket square, in fact, there is a lot of room to add more color and play around with them 


If you’re feeling adventurous and are done with just focusing on the ties and pocket squares, you can experiment with colorful blazor and pant combinations.

Source: Musée des impressionnismes Giverny

Blue, of course, isn’t the only color you can go for 

Source: Pinterest

Desi formals often include waistcoats and sherwanis.

These are often seen in black, beige or white. Now the classic look is great as it is, but to really add a festive flair, you can add color either with the pocket square (which is pretty basic tbh) or with the kurta underneath. A black waistcoat will look AMAZING with a red kurta, and white can be mixed in with a light blue, pink or even lighter shades of green.

Source: @bareezeman // Instagram

You can always flip the combo 

Source: @bareezeman // Instagram

Also, waistcoats are pretty versatile, in terms of color as well as design and texture. 

Source: @sabyasachi // Instagram

Now, of course, shaadis and formal wear is only a part of a man’s wardrobe, everyday wear also need some focus and rang

It’s always good to remember some things when styling yourself, especially if rung is involved. If you feel safe with blacks and browns, then maybe keep those colors for your bottoms and build rang in with your shirts; either have one bold color or maybe soften the blow with a white t-shirt, paired with a solid colored shirt on top.

Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to go all out with color if you don’t want to, you can incorporate it slowly and eventually, using colors you’re okay with, or even prints and plaids


So yeah, knock yourself out 


So how you feel about color in your wardrobe, and how do you add it in your wardrobe?

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