PTI Released A Clarification After Rumors About Asia Bibi Being Put On The ECL And Her Acquittal Being Reviewed Started Circulating

By Sahar Basit | 1 Nov, 2018

Asia Bibi’s recent acquittal in the Supreme Court has shaken the nation. This historic decision has acquitted Asia Bibi of blasphemy charges after spending 9 years in jail. This sparked protests all over the country instigated by the TTP. The most recent development in her case has people outraged.

Now, apparently, rumors are circulating that Asia Bibi has been put on ECL…

ECL is the Exit Control List which basically that she is not allowed to leave the country. This decision prevents her from seeking asylum in any other countries because she is essentially trapped in Pakistan and people are not happy about it.



While not a confirmed decision, Pakistanis are in a frenzy.

Not only that, the government has apparently decided to file a review against the Supreme Court’s decision!

People are disappointed in how the government has handled the entire situation… 

…and are calling out PM Imran Khan on the promises he made just yesterday.

The situation at the moment is extremely volatile and unpredictable. However, PTI has released an official statement.

According to the statement, the Federal Government does not intend to put Asia Bibi’s name on the ECL. Moreover, there is no intention of filing for a review against the court’s verdict either. The review petition that has been filed apparently has nothing to do with the government.

Officials have also taken to Twitter to clarify the situation

Obviously, this news has been met with relief from Pakistanis.


However, people still have some burning questions.

It’s been a long week, but here’s hoping things simmer down and peace is restored. What do you think about this entire debacle? Let us know in the comments.

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