I Attended My First Ever Fashion Week And This Is What I Thought Of It

By Arslan Athar | 8 Sep, 2018

Fashion! It’s something we interact with on a daily basis, however, there are elements of the fashion world we hardly ever see; for example, the highly glamorized phenomenon that is Fashion Week. This past week, Lahore played host to the PFDC Loreal Bridal Week, affectionately known as PLBW. I, as part of Team ShowSha, got to go for all three days and this is what I thought of the entire affair.

Right off the bat, everyone is super dressed up. I mean no exaggeration when I say this. People had pulled out all the stops for the fashion week. If you people watching is your hobby, then fashion weeks are the place to be. Forget the models for a bit, the attendees have their own little show going on. (Also, not to worry, I eventually did catch on, and I looked fiiiiiine if I might say so ourselves).


Also, it is the best place to get inspiration for your own outfits. People are out there trying out wacky combinations and testing new waters Might as well take it in your stride and make some quick mental notes.

When it comes to the actual show, seating is everything. 

The guests who sit right at the front get the best view. After having a few days of sitting NOT in the front row I realized that the true glamor of a fashion show is to have models walk right past you, so close that the clothes and the kaam is all up on your face. (Straight up need to work hard to get one of the front row seats; *ahem ahem PFDC, hope you guys are reading this)

Source: Dragonfly

No, but still, I absolutely loved the experience of the show.

It’s not just about the clothes, it’s the music, the story the designer is trying to tell and the rest of the audience. Each show had a story, may it be finding true love or reconnecting to our heritage, every line offered something new and different. Seeing the idea of a fashion designer come to life with such flair, sass and elegance was honestly such a blast.

One of my favorite parts of the event was when a truly iconic design would come up on the ramp. 

Source: Dragonfly

The chatter spreads like crazy and people are whipping out their phones everywhere. The excitement in the room is palpable. If you hear close enough, you could hear jaw drops! But truly, the mood in the room would shift after a model would leave the ramp wearing something truly unique and extraordinary.

Even showstoppers cause such a ruckus. People get super excited upon seeing someone famous strut their stuff as their walk down the ramp. 

Personally, for me, it was a great feeling, because you get to see fashion at its best and then also see a celebrity you really like walk so close to where you’re sitting.

While there were many many positives, there was one issue I had- the sheer disorganization of the event. 

Each and every day the PFDC or the hotel the event was in would make up a whole new security rule, or add another requirement, in terms of passes, for entry. We were going in on a media pass, and boy oh boy did they make our lives difficult. Albeit, the last day went by smoothly, but the badtameezi and rudeness of the first 2 days had left a sour taste in our mouths.

Other than that, the show lived up to its very glamorous expectations. The largest take away from this entire experience is that, if I need to go to more of these fashion weeks, I need a whole new wardrobe that’s just dedicated to fashion week apparel.


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