Mehwish Hayat Just Revealed Why She Hasn't Been Doing Any Pakistani Dramas Recently

By Arslan Athar | 22 May, 2019

Mehwish Hayat’s career has really soared over the past few years. It recently all culminated with her receiving the ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’. Of course, this is only the start for Mehwish; the actor has a new film coming out this Eid, ‘Challawa’. 

In a recent interview, she talked about her career and her acting. 

While talking about ‘Challawa’ she was also asked about her days as a TV actor and whether she would ever consider going back. She talks about her show ‘Dil Lagi’ and how it was a turning point in her career at the time. When asked about her return to TV, Mehwish said that she missed the platform and working on dramas in general. She admitted that she’s waiting on a good script and for a character that isn’t just a fluff character.

Source: ARY Films

She talks about feeling a certain responsibility towards her fans and towards her work, especially after being recognized on a national level. She feels that she needs to be loyal to the type of characters she picks, as well as being loyal to the portrayal of characters that she chooses.

In her interview, she did also let it slide that she hopes to be back in Pakistani Dramas sometime this year and we are over the moon to hear that. Her performance in ‘Dil Lagi’ was legit memorable and left an impact on people who watched the show. It would be amazing to see her recreate some of that magic again on our TV screens.



Mehwish also talked candidly about her film and her relationship with the cast. 

She mentions how she’s worked with Wajahat Rauf and Azfar Rehman before and how she’s developed a good relationship with them. Mehwish talks about how this film is a project close to her heart, and how she really enjoyed making the film with her friends.

Mehwish Hayat has had a bright career so far and seems to only make strides towards success.

You can watch the entire interview here:

Mehwish Hayat Wore A Tamgha On The Ramp At The HUM Showcase, And We’re Here For It

Mehwish Hayat Just Stole The Show From Her Brother’s Shendi Last Night 🔥🔥🔥

 Cover Photo Courtesy: ARY Digital

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